Nothing beats the feeling that comes with getting a lace front wig. Although it’s pricy, it’s still versatile, and it gives your overall look a fantastic upgrade. So it's no wonder people try to keep it on for long to get their money’s worth. But how long is it safe to keep your lace front wig on?

Generally, you can leave your lace front wig on for up to six weeks. However, some other factors might not allow you to leave your wig on for that long. This article gives an idea of some of these factors in detail.

What Determines How Long Your Lace Front Wig Lasts?

When properly installed, your lace front wig should last up to six weeks. But the wig can start coming off even before then. Why?

Here are some factors that may prevent your installed wig from lasting that long:

The Type of Wig Glue

Various factors play a role in determining how long a wig glue will hold your wig. One of such factors is the wig glue formula. Wig glue either comes in solvent-based or water-based formulas. Solvent-based adhesives are water resistant, so they last longer than water-based ones.

Another factor determining how long your wig lasts is the type of wig glue you use. Wig glues could come in the form of tapes or liquid glues. Tapes are easy to apply, but they don't last long. On the other hand, liquid adhesives have a stronger hold. So, if you're looking to keep your wig on for long, solvent-based and liquid glues are the way to go.

The Hairstylist’s Skill

Each profession or field comprises people with various skill levels. Their level of skill reflects in their work. Therefore, your hairstylist's skill level goes a long way in determining how long you can carry your wig. If their skill level is high, you can expect to carry your wig for four weeks or more. But if it's low, your wig might not last longer than two weeks, even if you use solvent-based glue.

So, if your lace front wig doesn’t last for more than two weeks, it might be because your hairstylist isn’t doing something right.

Your Body Physiology

Everyone is built differently, and that's why the same wig methods don't apply to everybody. In addition, despite your hairstylist's skill and the type of glue you use, your body's chemistry can make your frontal last longer or shorter than it should. For example, if your hair grows fast, it might reduce the period for which you can carry your lace front wig. Also, if you sweat a lot or do work that makes you sweat a lot, it might weaken the adhesive used for the wig.

Following Natural Wig Care Guidelines

One of the major problems people face regarding lace front wigs is that they don't follow instructions. Most lace front wigs come with instructions on maintaining and taking care of them. In cases when it doesn't, most stylists would give you steps to take care of it.

So, even with the best wig glues and hairstylists, your lace front wig might not last long if you don’t follow wig care guidelines. You might also need to consider these guidelines when taking care of the overall condition of your UNice wig.

Tips To Safely Remove Lace Front Wig

Installing a lace front wig is relatively easy. Most wigs even come with guidelines on how to go about that. But unfortunately, those guidelines don't say much about how to remove the wig safely. That's sad, considering that lace front wigs can damage your hairline if you're not careful. So, since you eventually have to take off that wig at some point, here are some tips to remove your lace front wig without damaging your hair:
  1. Pack your hair into a ponytail.
  2. Using a spray bottle, break the glue with an alcohol and water/conditioner mix. You can also use a bond removal solution if the adhesive is strong.
  3. Ensure the adhesive is loose by gently lifting the wig to see if the lace is open on your hairline. If it is, you can pull on the lace gently and use a rattail comb to peel it off. If not, spray more alcohol and water.
  4. Remove your wig from its ponytail and remove it gently so as not to rip out any part of your hair. After this, remove your wig cap.
  5. It's easy to take off your wig cap. However, if you used an adhesive spray, you might have to spray water and massage it into the wig cap. Wait for at least 20 minutes, then try gently peeling it off with your rattail comb.
  6. Finally, wash and store your wig according to the guidelines that came with your wig.

Bottom Line

Lace front wigs can last six weeks or more if you consider all the factors involved. Knowing these factors helps you get value for your money and leaves you looking fresh. Furthermore, you also need to take careful steps in removing your lace front wig to prevent damage to your hairline.