Kongsberg Automotive clutches are high-quality original equipment truck parts that are well-known and widely adopted in the truck industry.

Kongsberg Automotive provides market-leading aftermarket parts for trucks, including accelerator pedals, clutch actuator systems and electronic controls. The manufacturer is a market leader in the bus and truck industry, and its aftermarket parts for trucks are widely sought after and adopted.

To discover the origins of this distinction, here is why Kongsberg has market-leading clutches.

AMT External Actuator

Kongsberg’s ExAct ™ pneumatic clutch actuator is specified for use in Automated Manual Transmission, or AMT, applications. This component is adapted alongside Clutch By Wire (CBW) solutions. The AMT external actuator features speedy response times with high accuracy, a vital part of modern AMT and CBW systems. The ExAct ™ clutch actuator contains an electronic controller and integrated pneumatic valves; thus, its adaptation and use are straightforward.

Other benefits and features of the ExAct ™ pneumatic clutch actuator include:
  • Seamless communication with the incorporated ECU through a CAN or PWM input.
  • An incorporated tilt sensing accelerometer within the ECU.
  • Easy adaptation to numerous clutch characteristics.
  • Easy handling, facilitated by the absence of hydraulic fluid. This feature also makes the system lightweight and compact.
  • A clutch with a housing that has a mechanical interface identical to a slave cylinder or manual clutch servo.
  • A self-adjustment mechanism that compensates for tolerances in the clutch mechanism.
  • A lifelong maintenance-free actuator whose unit design caters for 6 million actuations.


Kongsberg automotive clutch actuation systems feature a specially designed steel-braided Nylon hose with quick connectors. This hose, known as the SLV-04-Flex hose, allows for very low volumetric expansion while maintaining optimum flexibility. As a result, routing and assembly within the truck are always easy.

These hoses include such features as:
  • Low volumetric expansion contributes to maximising the clutch actuation system’s overall efficiency.
  • Hoses that can be completed with any fitting type, from old-fashioned threaded connectors to modern, quick connectors.
  • The Kongsberg Automotive Clip-Lock quick connectors are easy to detach after assembly. This feature makes maintenance and repairs straightforward.

Pedal Box

Kongsberg produces several pedal products for throttle and clutch actuation. They equip these solutions with either master cylinders, position sensors or both to generate either a hydraulic, electric output or both.

Kongsberg’s pedals typically include an array of different features. Consequently, they are adaptable for use with clutch-by-wire systems. Alternatively, you can integrate additional switches into the pedal box to handle such functions as cruise control.

Clutch Servo

You can use Kongsberg’s truck clutch servos on either heavy or lightweight vehicles. They contain a flexible valve solution, which you can tune to provide specific pedal force and feeling.

Kongsberg Automotive’s clutch servos have high wear resistance. Consequently, they offer long-term durability. In addition, you can equip them with visual wear indicators for easy clutch wear detection.

The Complete System

Kongsberg Automotive produces a complete clutch actuation system that includes all components from the clutch lever to the pedal that constitutes the driver interface. This system comes pre-filled and complete, thus cutting out the need for a fluid filling station on the assembly line. As a result, part installation remains straightforward and less time-consuming. In addition, the complete clutch system clearly defines technical responsibility.