Did you know that you can edit a PDF without wasting time with annoying ads, spending money on paid versions, or damaging your files with watermarks?

If you have been looking for a free PDF editor to modify or customize your PDF documents, you can find valuable information here.

UPDF is a PDF editing software that will help you rotate your PDF document's pages, remove images, change the text and much more without spending a dime.

Do you want to discover all the benefits that UPDF offers for people like you? Check the information below!

1. Open and Read PDF Documents

You may think it's basic, but this common function has been optimized for UPDF.

This PDF editor also works as a first-class PDF reader that allows people to check their PDF files' information in an interface designed to enhance the reading experience.

With UPDF, readers can open multiple files at the same time! Moreover, the software has tools to search for specific words throughout the text, add bookmarks to manage the content, and fit the document page to the mobile screen.

In other words, reading and browsing PDF documents will be an experience like no other.

2. Edit text PDF for free

We can say that it's the main feature of UPDF. This PDF editing software offers users a number of features to modify the text and text properties in their PDF files.

It means you can add, copy, paste or delete words and phrases or alter visual properties such as colour or style.

Yes, you can have PDF files as personalized as you want if you use UPDF!

There is fewer PDF editor available on the market that is free to use. And most of the free tools can't ensure high quality. If you are looking for a high-quality PDF editor that costs you the least, then UPDF is your best choice.

3. Edit PDF images for free

Besides a text editor, UPDF is an image editor. It enables users to add images, photos, graphics and more to their PDF files. Besides adding images to PDF, UPDF also allows you to edit the images in a PDF document. For example, you can replace the image, extract the image, crop the image, etc.

Also, if there's an image you don't like, you can use UPDF to remove or edit it in no time.

This free PDF editor is also the perfect solution for those who need to cut, extract or rotate objects and shapes in their PDF documents.

4. Arrange PDF pages

Do you want to rearrange your PDF file's pages? UPDF can help you perform that task!

With this PDF editing software, users can get rid of those unwanted pages and only keep the important information in their PDF documents.

Moreover, in case you want to maintain a consistent style and appearance, UPDF enables you to rotate pages left or right. As easy as it sounds!

With the UPDF for Mac version, you can insert blank pages, insert pages from another PDF file, extract pages from PDF, replace pages with another PDF file, rotate PDF pages to the left or right, and delete pages from PDF.

5. Annotate PDF documents

UPDF is also a robust PDF annotator and has many tools to leverage this feature.

With this free PDF editor, you can add comments and sticky notes wherever you want, insert shapes like ovals, rectangles and arrows, underline words, highlight text fragments, and more.

And you can also modify the properties of those elements you add, including their thickness, colour, and opacity.

What's more? UPDF for Mac also allows you to add stamps and stickers to PDF documents. There are over 100+ stamps and stickers for you to use.

It also allows you to sign PDF documents with electronic signatures. You can also add handwritten signatures easily with UPDF.

Benefits of using UPDF

As the best PDF editor, UPDF offers many advantages to its users, such as:
  • It's 100% free, which means you don't have to pay to enjoy its benefits.
  • It's intuitive and you can learn to use it in minutes.
  • It's software with high performance and a well-designed interface.
  • It's the first PDF text and image editor with a desktop version.
  • Offers solutions for any problem!

Final thoughts.

In addition to the key pros mentioned above, UPDF is available for various devices including Mac, iOS, and Android.

Moreover, this PDF editing software will have more tools in the future, such as OCR to drag and resize visual objects, privacy security updates, format converters and tools to add signatures.