The vicious war on imitation luxury watches is on, with cross-border customs authorities pounding countless pieces. Nevertheless, the high price of genuine ones pushes watch enthusiasts to the affordable watch replicas. These imitations are designed like authentic brands and are commonly known as first-copy watches. However, there are myths surrounding them, and sceptics fuel the misinformation. So, what information do you need before going for your affordable timepiece? This article debunks five myths you shouldn’t believe.


Many people wrongly believe that the quality of first copy watches is way low. That’s far from the truth. The manufacturers of these watches ensure that the end product is strikingly similar to the authentic ones. Unless you know the features to look for and do it with scrutiny, you will not quickly identify a replica. However, note that a second copy, also known as a knockoff, is cheaper and of poor quality.


Some enthusiasts try to weigh their wristwatches during purchase to determine if they are genuine. This is because there is a myth that the imitations are lighter. Of which they aren’t. If anything, the manufacturers ensure that the timepieces weigh almost the same as the genuine. So, even if you bought one, you should never feel any less because the two are the same.


The branded timepieces come with either mechanical, quartz or automatic movements. And since the replicas are fake, some people believe they run on battery-powered quartz. That isn’t the case. The manufacturers of quality first copies ensure that the devices have similar features to the original copy, movements included. When buying your piece, it will help to check its features to ensure that it has a similar movement to your favourite brand.


Complications refer to other watch functions other than displaying time. Original watches are the best known for these additional features and are among the reasons for the price tag. But do first copies have the features too? Many believe that they don’t, which is wrong. The manufacturers of these timepieces take time to capture most of the details of the original watches, including the complications. However, it would be best to know that replicas won’t capture the tiniest details as it will push the price further. But the difference won’t be easily noticeable when you put it on.


Since these products are sold online, some believe they come from unprofessional manufacturing assembly lines. This myth isn’t true. Some credible and genuine manufacturers go to great lengths to produce near-perfection copies. However, it helps to note that some unscrupulous manufacturers don’t pay attention to details. Such are the ones that produce the knockoffs.

Luxury watches have been around for quite a while. Unfortunately, the brands that make and sell them charge an arm and a leg for a piece. This high price has made the watch replicas popular, which comes with scepticism. It would be best if you use the information in this article to know the truth about these first-copied wristwatches. Doing so will assist you when deciding to buy such a timepiece.