The white label Visa card program is a unique opportunity for businesses to attract new customers and increase the loyalty of existing customers. With its help, you can not only control the client's cash flows but also offer them more attractive terms of cooperation and additional bonuses. Your business can become more prestigious and noticeable thanks to your own card program.

Who is interested in it?

Launching your own Visa card solution is the best choice for any company. But to launch it, you need to get a financial license and a membership status from Visa as a principal member and prepare the infrastructure for it. First and foremost, the following types of organizations should consider such a possibility:
  • banking institutions;
  • cellular service providers;
  • postal services;
  • payment services;
  • financial startups;
  • Large retail chains and other companies with a large customer base.
Turning to a company that provides card issuing under a white label is easier to avoid wasting time-solving all the technical and legal aspects. Who already has an agreement with a payment provider. It gives the clients access to a multipurpose online portal to manage the card program.

An example of a reliable provider of such services is the company Wallester. All products offered by the company can be managed through the user-friendly Wallester platform. It is a unique development that combines ease of use, multifunctionality, and efficiency.

Types of card programs

Depending on the goals and objectives of the card program, Wallester customers can choose any of the card types offered:

1. Virtual. Such a card has no physical carrier. It is attached to the device, usually a telephone. With its help, you can pay for goods and services on your phone or smartwatch. This is the fastest way to get the program up and running.

2. Physical co-brand. These are payment cards with the design and logo of your company with the design and logo of your company, the name of your cardholder, and the Visa logo on them. Such cards can be prepaid, debit and credit. The launch of such a program is relatively quick.

Independent implementation of the card program

To make the card program work, you should first prepare the infrastructure. This includes:
  • Visa gateway;
  • mobile applications;
  • transaction processing;
  • customer management;
  • Control and anti-fraud system.
In addition to software, it is necessary to take care of legal issues. First, it is required to conclude an agreement with the payment system, prescribe general terms of use, and provide for KYC and AML procedures.

If you are developing a card program on your own, you have to solve a lot of related tasks:
  • become Visa partner to get BIN sponsorship;
  • prepare legal documentation and receive a financial license from your regional authority;
  • build and support complete front-end and back-office platform infrastructure for you and your clients
  • produce cards and coordinate the design of the plastic medium;
  • organize operational management and technical support to think over the anti-fraud system;
  • Ensure the possibility of issuing virtual cards in the processing system and the issue and replacement of physical cards.
This is not a complete list of all the tasks that need to be solved in the independent implementation of the card program. Each of these steps takes a lot of effort and time. To get your program up and running quickly and easily, use the Wallester platform.

Features of the Wallester platform

The Wallester platform is a multi-function solution constantly being upgraded and updated with new options. Here are just a few of its significant features:
  1. Card issuance. Issuing your own cards allows you to increase your company's visibility. Wallester cooperates with the most famous payment system, Visa. You can give physical cards and virtual ones. They can be prepaid, debit and credit. All cards are issued following international security standards. Through the Wallester platform, you can manage your cards, see customers’ behaviour2, open new cards, set limits, and perform any other actions with them.
  2. White Label solution management. The platform, application, and issued cards can be tagged with your unique brand. Wallester takes care of the card program's complicated technical and organizational aspects. You have a unique opportunity to offer your clients the ready card product under your brand. These changes can be managed and controlled through the Wallester platform.
  3. Management of administration issues. Wallester customers do not need their own BIN. If you set it up yourself, it would take a lot of time. Wallester is a BIN sponsor, so you can start a card program immediately by partnering with the company without wasting time getting a number. Wallester's platform will help you manage administrative issues related to financial services.
  4. Transaction processing. Through the Wallester platform, you can manage card limits, verify accounts, recharge cards, control payments, credits, etc. These features greatly simplify the business management process.
The Wallester platform is easy to manage. It is specifically designed to handle a card program's features, from administration to customer support, with a single software program. This approach allows you to run your business without wasting time using different software. For more information about this platform, visit