Won't you prefer to wipe your feet clean before entering your home? You would also love a soft, warm surface to land your feet on after a cool shower. This is where doormats and bathmats come to help. They not only improve the aesthetics of your home and room but also come in handy to define specific areas. Most importantly, they are the first protectors of your home. Read on to know how.

Doormats and Their Functions
Before entering a house, these mats are kept in the doorway for people to wipe their shoes on. Here are the protective functions of doormats for the home:

Keep Your Floor in Good Condition
Various foreign particles like mud, dirt and grime collect under your shoes. Walking around your home with dirty soles soils the floor and makes cleaning difficult, particularly those hard-to-maintain materials like hardwood. Keeping a doormat at the entrance of your home encourages visitors to wipe the soles of their shoes, leaving all the grime out of your beautiful home. This super easy solution prevents your floors from getting dirty and keeps them neat and shining for longer.

Protect Carpets and Rugs from Contaminants and Dirt

People wiping their shoes on a doormat before stepping inside your home goes a long way to keeping your carpets clean. Dirt and dried mud can get onto your precious rugs, and it’s challenging to get these off. The only option may be deep cleaning them often enough, which would be costly. Dirt in your carpets looks terrible and becomes a home for contaminants and allergens. When they get lodged in a carpet's fibres, it becomes the perfect environment for the growth of mildew and moulds, making them even harder to clean.

Help Maintain Indoor Air Quality

Dusty rugs, particularly if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, affect indoor air quality. The pollutants in the fibres can cause or worsen conditions like allergies and asthma. Since a doormat keeps the rugs and carpets clean, your indoor air quality remains good.

Prevent Slips and Falls

During rains, water can get tracked into your house and turn the floor slippery, posing the risk of falls and injuries. A doormat can absorb the water and prevent such troubles. On the other hand, it also allows you to wipe your wet shoes and feet before entering a room. This can keep your floor clear of dirty footprints. You’ll never have to worry about such issues if you buy moisture-absorbent and stain-resistant doormats online.

Bath Mats and Their Functions

These washable mats or rugs are kept outside bathrooms to soak spills and dry wet feet. Bath mats have the following protective functions:

Prevent Slips

Tile floors can quickly get slippery when wet, leading to falls and accidents. This is where bathroom mats come to the rescue. They provide an anti-slip surface for your wet feet to step on after a shower or bath. These mats can absorb splashes and excess water to keep your floor dry and clean.

Help Maintain Floor Hygiene

Bath rugs or mats can also keep your space hygienic. Mould, bacteria, and mildew breed quickly on wet sections of the floor. Bath mats can help maintain hygiene in your bathroom and bedroom by keeping the floor dry. Good quality mats can even protect hardwood floors from water damage.

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