As our family members get older, there may come a time when they will require more support and help with everyday tasks and getting around. While some families might have enough relatives who can rally around to provide this, in many cases, it might be necessary to consider getting additional support such as that offered by home caregivers or an assisted living retirement community.

When you have commitments, such as your job, raising your own family, and everything else, finding the time to dedicate to an older relative is not always easy. Helping them move into a home set up for older adults to enjoy the later years of their life and remain independent while support is available when needed can be an excellent way to get peace of mind for everybody. With different assisted living and retirement communities, finding the perfect place for an older relative to move to isn’t always easy.

Here are some of the main things to look out for.


One of the first things to look into before you and your relative choose a senior living community is the facility's reputation. Some assisted living facilities will be more reputable than others, so spend some time checking them out online and finding out more about what to expect from the residents and their family members. Find out more about how many people live at the facility and whether they stay there for a long time.

Many facilities will allow you to visit to look around the speak to the current residents before making your decision; this can be an excellent way to get a feel for the place and get some honest opinions from the people who live there.


Where the assisted living facility or retirement community is one of the main things to consider for you and your relative. Some people might be interested in moving somewhere they have always wanted to live, while others may be more concerned with staying close to family and friends. Consider the convenience of the location for your relative and yourself, along with how familiar they are with the area and what else is available nearby.


If your relatives need to stay independent as they age, they must find somewhere to live where they can do this. The good news is that there are many retirement communities and assisted living facilities, such as assisted living in Houston TX where residents are encouraged to live as independently as possible. Help is available when needed, but the facility understands just how important it is for some older people to be able to live their life on their own terms.

Health and Wellbeing

Before choosing an assisted living facility for your relative, it’s a good idea to learn more about what’s on offer for residents in terms of health and wellbeing. Many facilities have on-site gyms and other exercise facilities that encourage residents to get out and be more physically active, including swimming pools and classes such as yoga that they may be interested in taking up. Look for a facility with a lot to offer in terms of senior-friendly exercise options.

Support Available

Another primary consideration before choosing a senior living facility with your relative is how much support will be available if they should need it. While many older people need to stay as independent as possible, it is always good to know that help is on hand for situations where it is required. Find out more about the employees that work at the facility, what their experience and qualifications are, how many employees you can expect to be on shift at one time, and how your relative will be able to contact an employee for help if necessary.

Social Life

One of the main reasons why it can be a good idea to encourage an older relative to make a move to a senior living community or assisted living facility is that it’s an excellent way to keep an active social life. As people get older, they do not often have the same social life as they once did, and living at home alone can get very isolating and lonely. Before settling on a suitable retirement facility, it’s worth finding out more about the type of social life your relative can expect when they move in, including opportunities to make new friends and social activities that are held at the facility that they will be able to join in with.


Many assisted living and retirement communities will offer a wide range of activities for the residents to take part in. It’s worth discovering more about what’s on offer to make sure that your relative will be able to find something to do that they enjoy. For example, games nights may be held at the facility or trips and days out to beaches, National Parks, and other places regularly. Check out what’s on in terms of hobbies your relative might already like or be interested in getting involved in, such as art classes or craft groups.


Last but not least, check out the accommodation that is on offer for the residents and make sure that your relative is going to like where they are going to live. Besides considering the size, layout, and anything that has been added to make homes more accessible for elderly people, it is worth considering things such as if pets are allowed and what kind of help is available for residents with daily household chores, gardening, and other tasks.

If you have an older relative who requires some additional help and support in their life, a retirement community or assisted living facility can be an ideal choice.