Studying is the main purpose of attending college. There will be assignments galore, tests aplenty and so much reading over the course of a degree that it is essential for students to have a dedicated zone to do their learning. This study area has to be filled with all the key tools for success, but it can be overwhelming to think about what to purchase. That is why this guide details 10 vital, handy items that all students can benefit from when pulling late night study sessions.

Laptop Stand

Looking at a laptop for any extended time period can be physically uncomfortable on the body and the eyes. A laptop stand can help with that. Laptop stands are a physical construct that allows the device to sit at an adjustable height, therefore taking away the need to physically hold on. They can be placed on desks, but are more useful for when studying on a couch or a bed because, let’s face it, that is where it is most comfortable.

Stands alleviate postural problems by allowing for more comfortable study positions. They also support the eyes by ensuring the screen is a safe distance away while maintaining visual standards, and keeping a laptop from succumbing to damage from overheating.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

A wireless keyboard and mouse combination should be on the list of Student PC Things to Buy. A 
laptop keyboard can be quite restrictive and the inbuilt mouse is not always accessible or easy to use. 
The main perks of investing in this tech include the folllowing:
  • Less clutter in your study zone because there are fewer wires to get tangled up.
  • A more flexible environment, which leads to a heightened level of comfort.
  • More convenience and better workflow.
  • Portablity, so they can be taken along anywhere.

Desk Light

The light from a screen combined with the overhead light is not always the most conducive to productive studying. Bright lights often cause sleep issues, headaches, and annoyance especially while learning later on into the evening. That is where a desk lamp comes in handy. A source of light aside from the monitor screen is essential because working in the dark causes unnecessary vision strain and adds temptation in terms of calling it quits and falling asleep. A desk light is a reasonable middle ground as it supports the eyes in a softer way than the main light source while making the surrounding environment more appealing, cozy, and relaxing.


Visual study aids are extremely reliable methods of accelerating learning. They are also a useful organizational tool as they can be used to display reminders, course specific information, key dates, and just as a place to jot down inspirational ideas or thoughts.

Supplies and Equipment Organiser

It is a fact that productivity is boosted by a clean and clear work area so keeping desks and other spaces free of clutter should be a number one priority for any student. Regardless of where you choose to work, keep things neat and tidy by purchasing organization aids. Books and notepads can be neatly stacked, or placed on a shelf. Pens and other stationery can sit in a holder to make them accessible at all times and keep everything together for convenience purposes.

There is a noticeable and significant reduction in stress levels when supplies are neatly displayed and ready to use. The motivation to get on with a task is increased if you have everything you need when you sit down to do it. So, aid organization by seeking out storage solutions for all the essentials, and enjoy keeping everything stocked up.

Portable Charger

There is nothing that hinders a study session more than a flat battery on a phone, tablet, or laptop. Solve this issue immediately and easily by considering a portable charger.


It is far easier to miss deadlines, classes, and important events without some form of written record. Class schedules, study sessions, and assignment hand-ins are all vital information that needs to be noted down in one, easily accessible format. Whether you prefer to use an app on your phone or tablet, or a physical planner item, the key message is to have something. It not only reduces feelings of stress but staying on top of essential responsibilities is made that much easier. It also adds to autonomy and enhances the overall sense of control over personal agendas. Planners are empowering and are the must-have item of every student.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones are beneficial for people who like to study with music but struggle with external distractions. Of course, they don’t have to be used for musical purposes, since they can just serve as a way to block out background noise and enable a more peaceful study session.

Reusable Cup and Water Bottle

Coffee is one of the more popular choices amongst students as it helps with those late nights and early mornings. Do your bit for the environment by using a reusable cup or water bottle. Staying hydrated is very important for concentration and general brain function. Without correct hydration being observed, it is harder to function and that is an unavoidable fact. Dehydration causes many problems and can lead to:
  • Memory problems
  • Headaches (sometimes severe)
  • Low mood
  • Motivational issues
  • Attention deficits
  • Exhaustion
So, investing in a reusable hydration vessel is a perfect study aid. It also means you produce less waste and are able to save some money.

Comfort Items

Making things more comfortable is another good priority as it increases motivation to learn, longevity, and concentration abilities. Try using a footrest, a seat pillow, neck pillows, or a nice pair of slippers. These small details go a long way to improving an environment and anything that incentivizes educational activities is a bonus.

Wrap Up

Any item on this list is worth having for a student, so take your pick and choose wisely. You will often be able to find great deals to suit a tight college budget as well if you browse around different sites, and don’t forget to use that student discount.