In online publishing, guest posting is a valuable tool for getting exposure for your articles and blogs. Many sites will allow you to post articles about your place regardless of your niche.

Here are some of the best sites to try:

1. Blog Herald

Blog Herald is an excellent place to post a guest article. This site is open to both individuals and companies. Most publications provide do-follow backlinks to the author's site. Guest posting has numerous benefits for both the writer and the blog. It offers the opportunity to communicate with an audience that is not your target market. Blog Herald allows both individuals and businesses to share their knowledge and expertise. Listed below are some of the benefits of guest posting.

Before writing a guest article, you should understand what the blog's audience is looking for. Then, tailor your post to meet those needs. Include a brief bio and any images. If possible, ask readers to comment on the article. Don't forget to promote it on social media and link to your website. Don't forget to keep track of your post's performance and update it regularly. Guest posting is a great way to reach an audience interested in your industry.

2. Techno Buffalo

You may be wondering why a website editor would want you to post on their site. This is because website editors are ultimately responsible for everything on their site, including the posts written by contributors. They must rely on their contributors to do a good job. Whether your submission will be well-received or not is an entirely different story. Nevertheless, you should always follow specific guidelines before submitting on any guest posting site.

The first step is to read the site's contributor guidelines. Each site will explain the procedures and requirements for posting on its website. Editors know what their audience wants, and what they can and cannot accept. In addition, they know the tone and style of their publications. If your content is in line with their guidelines, you should have no problem being published there. But if your content is not up to their standards, you can always ask for further approval from the editor.

3. Template Monster

When you need a website template, look no further than Template Monster. The popular platform offers several ready-made themes for various platforms. Its premium themes include HTML, Element or Page Builder, etc. All of these are responsive and cross-browser compatible. If you are looking for a unique design that stands out amongst the crowd, Template Monster is a perfect choice. But what if you are not sure how to create one of your own?

The company has been around for over 10 years and has served more than 5 million customers. It has a comprehensive toolbox that can help you create any type of website. Template Monster’s unified A-Z ecosystem contains information on building a website from scratch, digital marketing trends, and specific skills. If you're interested in creating a stunning website with a high bounce rate, Template Monster is a great solution.

4. Hub Spot

If you are looking for a guest posting site, Hub Spot is a great choice. This website provides various tools that make it easy for bloggers to promote their blogs and generate traffic. For example, you can use the site's custom analytics to determine which posts perform best. It also helps you create more relevant content and ensure consistency throughout the formatting. In addition, you can also use the tools to track and analyze your traffic to improve your content and increase your traffic.

Hub Spot is a powerful inbound marketing tool that includes tools for blogging and landing pages. It has features that make it faster, such as a CDN, automatic image compression, merged CSS files, page caching, and script magnification. Moreover, it also comes with helpful security features, like an SSL certificate, a built-in firewall, continuous updates, and automated detection of security breaches.

5. Mutable

While Mutable is an excellent site, getting your content published here is not easy. There are two main ways to submit your articles: contact or news. This can make it difficult to get published, especially if you don't know the site's audience well. The best approach is to write about a topic you are familiar with and can write about. After you've submitted a few articles, you can look for an editor and send them the links.

First, understand the Mutable audience. Mutable has become the most prominent independent blog on the web, covering digital culture, social media, and technology. It had over two million visitors and earned seven figures in advertising and other revenue streams in its first year. It has a newsroom staff of around 77 people. In 2011, Mutable expanded its coverage to include entertainment, business, and world news. In 2012, it began running content from Atlantic and National Journal.