On average, it takes 68 days to sell a house. The timeframe starts from the day you list the home and ends the day you close the transaction with the buyer.

The home selling process takes time because it requires several steps, including hiring a real estate agent.

However, learning about the process is vital if you're ready to sell your house to upgrade, downsize, or free yourself from debt. So, what steps must you take to sell a house?

If you're ready to learn, keep reading this guide, as it explains the most crucial steps in the home selling process.

Prepare the House for Sale

Selling a house begins with preparing it. If you read any home selling tips, you'll discover that staging a home is a vital step before listing it.

Your home might need minor changes to prepare it or major ones. As a result, some homeowners can stage their homes in days, while others might spend weeks or months.

Hire an Agent to List It

The next step in learning how to sell a house involves hiring a real estate agent. A real estate agent lists homes for sale and helps buyers and sellers.

Agents help sellers find buyers, but they also help buyers find homes to purchase. Your agent also assists with all the remaining steps in the home selling process.

Wait for a Buyer

One of the most time-consuming parts of selling a house is waiting for a buyer. You might have to show your home a few times or dozens of times before finding someone who wants to buy it.

However, there are ways to sell a home that does not require waiting for a buyer. For example, you can contact a company that advertises "We Buy Houses."

Companies like this make cash offers for homes, making the process faster and easier.

Negotiate the Deal

When selling a home through a real estate agent, the next step is negotiating with the buyer. The negotiating process takes time and effort, and you might have to give in on what you want.

Your real estate agent can assist with this, helping you learn your options. Then, when you reach a deal, you can move on to the final step.

Work on the Closing Steps

The final step is working on closing the deal. This step takes weeks to complete, as numerous things must happen. The buyer will get the house appraised and inspected, while you might have to complete some repairs.

On closing day, you'll transfer the ownership rights to the buyer and receive a check for your profit from the home sale.

Can You Simplify the Home Selling Process?

Each step in the home selling process takes time, but there is a way to simplify it. You can sell your house for cash. This strategy shortens the timeframe required to sell a house and provides a guaranteed sale.

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