The sneaker resale market is on track to become a $30 billion industry soon. Who knew something as simple as shoes could become such a lucrative business?

It's also a cultural way of life for many, as the sneakerhead community is among the most hardcore and engaging hobbies people participate in. But what should you know about starting a collection?

We're happy to explain. Here's what you should know about starting a shoe collection.

Understand the Benefits of Collecting Shoes

First off, why do people collect shoes? This is a popular item because few things make you feel better than putting on a new pair of shoes fresh out of the box.

For much of modern history, clean, well-kept shoes have been a sign of prestige and decorum. People in the business world know that while your suit game is critical, you need to be willing to spend some money on quality shoes if you want to leave an impression.

Shoe collecting is a way to embrace sports. Here are a few great reasons for collecting shoes:
  • They're an investment since the resale market is so strong.
  • Nothing beats the buzz and excitement of an anticipated release.
  • It's an excellent conversation starter.
  • Shoe shape and timestamp culture.
Once you understand the benefits, you'll be more likely to exercise the patience and learning required to build an impressive sneaker collection.

Figure Out What You Like Most

Before spending money on whatever shoes are deemed popular, figure out what you like. Hypebeasts have overrun the sneaker community, so you can easily get tempted to buy whatever people say is hot.

This is fine if you've got the disposable income, but you'll quickly find your pockets tapped out of you're simply chasing the popular releases. Sit down and figure out what you like about shoes, so you don't fall into this trap.

Perhaps you like buying basketball shoes, or maybe you're looking for more artistic or luxury shoe purchases. Get to know what emotional, historical, and stylistic qualities you enjoy and always use discretion when making a new purchase.

Familiarize Yourself With the Most Famous Sneakers

Becoming a shoe historian is a big part of becoming a collector. You need to learn each brand's significance and how they became prominent. That way, you can figure out what value the shoes hold and whether a new release will require some heavy lifting to get your hands on.

For instance, T Mac shoes are a hot item for many in the sneaker community and basketball fans. A casual fan might not know much about Tracy McGrady. Having the inside track of this information will help you plan accordingly.

Of course, you need to get familiar with the Jordan Brand and the significance of each release. For instance, Michael Jordan changed sneakers forever when he and Nike partnered to create the Air Jordan I and stock in the Air Jordan XIII went up recently since they're the shoes that Jordan wore in the now storied and immortalized "Last Dance" season.

Learn a little about every shoe that suits your interest, what athlete wore them, who created and designed the shoe, and what materials they're made with.

Get Your Hands on a Release Calendar

Stay up to date with the shoe releases as they come along. Shoes by the sneaker giants are released on appointed dates, much like movies and music.

When you're able to track the releases, you can save up when you need to and plan to source hard-to-find items. The release calendar is the roadmap every shoe collector navigates each year, so begin using one to plot your plans.

Build a Foundation With Some Must-Have Items

Don't get tempted to buy the craziest and rarest sneakers right away. Instead, build a solid foundation of some core items. The core items you choose will depend on your tastes but start with versatile daily wear options, various colour schemes, and shoe styles.

For instance, some shoes you might want to use to set a foundation in your shoe collection include:
  • White Air Force Ones
  • Converse All-Star sneakers of different colours
  • Vans for casual wear
  • Your first pair of Air Jordans
  • A neutral-coloured casual shoe that can be dressed up or down

Once you have your foundation, shooting for those more expensive collectables will be easier.

Establish Relationships With Other Collectors

Every collector knows that the hobby is all about relationships. The same applies to the shoe community. You'll learn much about finding and taking care of your shoe collection by exchanging notes with other collectors.

You will also be able to build relationships with shoe sales pros that have the inside track on sneaker releases. Having a store manager or associate willing to set aside a pair for you whenever you ask is the ultimate for any sneakerhead.

Stay up to date with what's happening in the industry and the hobby, and subscribe to some publications that keep you in the loop.

Build the Ultimate Shoe Collection

The points above will assist you when you're looking to build an impressive shoe collection. The rabbit hole goes deep with this hobby, and you'll love it when you have a quality pair you can pull out of the closet any day.

Begin with these points and stay tuned for more content about becoming a sneaker expert.