A water dispenser facilitates an easy supply of clean drinking water. It is a valuable appliance that provides cold, moderate, and hot water to help you stay hydrated(source).

Walk into any restaurant, office, hospital, or home, and you'll most likely come across one. These units are vital in ensuring everyone can access clean, safe, and healthy drinking water.

Although the appliance is known to provide clean water, most people can’t help but ask, can a water dispenser purify water?

Well, some models (most) provide filtered water from replaceable bottles, while others come with a built-in filtration system that filters water before it reaches your faucet.

Bottled water dispensers don't have a built-in filtration system because the bottle comes with filtered water.

How Does a Water Dispenser Purify Water?

Dispensers that purify water use reverse osmosis to remove heavy metals, salts, TDS, and other contaminants from your water.

Some dispensers have built-in systems that filter water in 3, 5, or 7 stages. Different units work differently.

The first filtration stage usually involves the removal of large particles ad sediments from the water. In this stage, contaminants that affect the water's colour, taste, and smell are eliminated.

These water impurities include chlorine and chloramines.

The 2 filtration stages mainly focus on removing stubborn contaminants like heavy metals and TDS from the water. This helps improve the taste and quality of the water.

If the RO system in your dispenser filters water in more than 3 stages, it has a remineralization stage that helps the lost minerals into your water.

Some systems feature a UV purification stage that kills bacteria, cysts, viruses, and other microorganisms looming in your water.

How Does a Filtered Water Dispenser Work?

Most point-of-use water dispensers have a built-in filter to filter the water from the water line. They are convenient because they offer an unlimited supply of water as they are connected to the water line.

They don't require replacing bottles periodically to ensure water is available through the dispenser.

These units can cool and heat water and store the water in a tank before dispensing it.

A filtered water dispenser is usually connected to the main water line, stores water in a storage tank, and then heats and cools. Users then dispense the water by pressing a button or turning a knob.

Filtered water dispensers have various uses. They cool, heat, and filter water.

They also have more parts than other dispensers do because they come with more components, including:
  • A tank to store water before dispensing it
  • A water heater to warm water
  • A refrigerator system that cools the water
  • Water filters that filter the tap water
  • A tap where you receive water from
  • A knob or button to release the water

Reasons Why You Need a Water Dispenser that Can Purify Water

A water dispenser that can purify water is a worthy investment. According to Aquajudge.com, it saves money, encourages a sugar-free diet, and helps you prepare healthy instant coffee and tea.

Listed below are more benefits that you’ll enjoy from the unit.

Water Tastes Better

When a filtered water dispenser dispenses water for you, it purifies the water making it taste great. Better tasting water makes everything you make taste good too.

Use the water to prepare instant coffee, tea, a bowl of soup, and pasta, among other meals, and you'll love the outcome. Food tastes as intended.

Dispenses Healthy Water

Filtered water is free of contaminants like chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals, and viruses, which can lead to health complications.

These dispensers provide water that is clean, healthy, and safe to drink.

Keeps Your Family Hydrated

Having fresh and pure water on demand helps your loved ones take more water. Taking more water means that you’ll always be hydrated and healthy.

And since filtered water is great-tasting, you’ll drink more water without even realizing it.

A water dispenser also helps to cut down on sugary drinks. Buying less sugary beverages will help you stay healthy and save you money.

Better Skin Care

Purified water helps in skin care. After taking it for some time, you’ll realize that your skin will become less dull and more vibrant.

You won’t experience cases of dry and itchy skin like you would when using tap water.

The type of water you use plays a very significant role in flushing toxins in the body. That’s why a filtered water dispenser is highly encouraged by health experts.

Saves Money

With a filtered water dispenser, you won’t be spending money on refills like you would do with a bottled water dispenser. These require occasional refills, which cost much money in the long run.

Also, you won’t have to deal with the struggles of lifting heavy water bottles when changing them.


Water dispensers have changed the way the world operates. You can now keep your home clean with zero bottles littering around.

Filtered water dispensers save the universe since they don’t use bottles.

Saves You Space

A water dispenser enables you to get chilled water any time you want. It saves you a lot of valuable space because you don't have to store water bottles in the refrigerator to keep the water cold.

Choosing the Right Water Dispenser

Water dispensers are available in different types, sizes, and uses. While some like countertop models are fitted for tiny spaces, others work for larger areas like building hallways.

The dispensers are more popular today because they are highly convenient. Everyone needs water every day, and water dispensers come in handy.

Choosing the best water dispenser for your home depends on the necessity.

For instance, if simple access to clean water is all you need, a standard mounted water dispenser will fit your space. However, a point-of-use team would be the best option if you are interested in a unit that can filter water.

Choosing a filtered water dispenser depends on the circumstances. Go for it if you can quickly hook the unit to your main water line.

However, if there’s no access to the main water line and you need a water dispenser that can provide clean, filtered water, a bottled water dispenser is your only way out.

Deciding on the needs of the water dispenser will also help you settle for a suitable water dispenser for your home.


Although the primary task of a water dispenser is to dispense water, some units come with a built-in filtration system to purify the water.

So, you now have the answer to the question: can a water dispenser purify water? A point-of-use water dispenser can filter water as it comes with built-in filters that help purify the water.