Travel insurance provides you with the necessary financial protection during your trips. Whether it is a vacation or a work trip, things do not always go as planned. There could be times when you need some assistance in handling an unexpected situation. For example, a missed connecting flight because of the delay by an airline carrier, loss of luggage, a severe illness while on a vacation etc. In such situations, you must know the correct procedure for raising a claim for a travel policy to be compensated at the earliest. Here’s everything you need to know about raising a travel insurance claim successfully.

How to file a claim for your travel insurance policy online?

Filing a claim for travel insurance online is easy, convenient and time-saving as you do not have to visit your insurer’s branch office to initiate the process. You can also skip getting in touch with insurance agents for assistance. All you need is an active internet connection and your smartphone.

Step 1

Inform your insurer at the earliest. Call up the helpline number and ask for the Third Party Administrator or TPA at the international level and make a cashless claim.

Step 2

Submit the original ticket/boarding pass or a photocopy of the passport that shows the travel dates clearly. The entry and exit stamps on the visa should also be visible. Also, share all original bills, vouchers and the duly filled claim form. Make sure you have all relevant documents handy.

Step 3

Let the insurer evaluate your claim. It may take some time before they approve and settle your claim.

You can opt for a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers several trip-related issues and medical emergencies. If you are raising a claim due to a medical contingency, you must submit the claim form within 30 days after the treatment is over. In the unfortunate event of death, you can submit the same after the funeral or burial of the deceased.

Here are some common reasons why people claim travel insurance:

Trip cancellation claim

This claim compensates for your loss if you cancel the trip due to an unforeseen problem covered by the policy such as:
  • Death
  • Hospitalisation of the policyholder or any of the family members due to COVID-19
  • Family emergency
Under this, you can recover almost 100% of your total loss. Just make sure that you cancel your trip well within the permitted window.

Medical emergency

With this insurance, you can claim for the medical costs related to treating an illness or injury during your trip. The coverage would be up to the limits mentioned in the policy document.

Trip interruption claim

This claim is applicable if you have to cancel the trip midway after your journey has commenced due to some unpredictable reasons such as a death, severe illness, an injury or accident etc. The claim amount usually includes non-refundable and prepaid expenses such as last-minute flight cancellation, transportation etc.

Claims for travel delay

This claim would cover the cost of sudden travel delays due to some problems such as natural disasters, bad weather, issues with aircraft machinery or a national emergency. You will get compensated as per the specifications of the plan. Usually, the insurer provides for the expenses related to your food and accommodation abroad. You will get this if there is a cancellation or rescheduling of flights.

Luggage loss or delay

You can get reimbursed if there is a delay in getting the checked-in luggage or if you lose the checked-in luggage while it was with the airline carrier. The compensation under this is as per your entitlements mentioned in the policy. Baggage cover also includes specific personal items that have been damaged, lost, or stolen on the trip. There may be exclusions for certain items, though. If there is a delay in the luggage receipt, you may get compensated for buying some essential items.

Make sure to get travel insurance much before you set out on the journey. In fact, it is best to get it when planning and making bookings for the trip. A travel insurance policy would reduce your stress and keep you financially protected as you enjoy your trip.