It should come as no surprise that there are numerous things to do in the city, but Prague, in our opinion, has so much to offer. 

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However, there is absolutely no way to get bored here, with everything from wonderful cafés and restaurants to parks in every section of the city, virtual reality, selfie museums, and historical sights.

Furthermore, there are constant activities taking place, such as quirky markets, the light festival in October, circus events, athletic events, and so forth. 

A few days in this metropolis are going to make your trip memorable for an entire lifetime.

So, let’s find out some reasons you should visit Prague. 

1: It’s Affordable

It's possible that this is the case in many major cities throughout the world, but we find it fascinating how much the price of identical things varies depending on where you are in the city.

Let's take beer as an example because we recently spoke about it. 

A drink in Prague, the Old Town Square, and the city's most important district costs nearly twice as much as it does once you leave the touristy neighbourhoods. 

Even in Prague, which is still a popular location, beer costs half as much as it does in the city centre. 

It becomes increasingly cheaper as you travel further away from town. Food, coffee, and wine are all examples of this.

2: Diverse Community

When we first arrived in Prague, one of the things that shocked us was how many foreigners there were! 

According to a Google search, there were 166,000 foreigners residing in Prague alone in 2015. If it doesn't attract a vibrant ex-pat community to the city, we don't know what would. 

It also makes it simpler for tourists to meet individuals who speak their native tongue.

There are so many locations to meet other ex-pats, from the Down Under Bar to trivia evenings at The Globe to the Coffice coworking space! 

Living in Prague has been one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives.

3: Amazing Architecture

In the ages of Slavic towns, the earliest mention of Prague emerged in the ninth century. 

Since then, Prague has continued to grow in size, bringing together nearby communities and villages. Today, its rich history reveals the relics of many eras. 

Cubist architecture, Gothic cathedrals, Romanesque chapels, Baroque palaces, and Art Nouveau structures may all be found there.

Only a few places in the world can compare to this unique historic mix. Prague, on the other hand, is one of them, if not the first. 

Walking down the cobblestone streets and being surrounded by amazing architecture will taste good in your mind and heart.

4: Multiple Sightseeings

The first and oldest garden in Prague dates back to the Middle Ages, but there are currently about 200 of them. 

They all provide breathtaking views of the city. Furthermore, not just visitors like visiting parks and gardens. Locals come here to unwind and spend some time in nature.

Only there can you view wonderful uncommon plants, trees, flowers, and shrub species. 

Furthermore, these gardens and parks are created by merging the design and architecture of some of the world's finest artists. Royal Garden is most likely one of the greatest examples.

5: Great Food! Great Beer!

It's common knowledge that Berlin, Budapest, and all of Italy have fantastic cuisine, but did you know that Prague boasts a plethora of tasty cafés and restaurants? 

Everything is available, from traditional Czech cuisine to Instagram-friendly junk foods. 

The Czech Republic is well-known for more than just its beer culture. Even the most ardent gourmet will be impressed by the cuisine of this nation. 

Everything is covered: pastries, appetizers, main courses, soups, salads, desserts, drinks, and so on. 

Some believe you can't get a true sense of the ancient town without sampling the local brew. You will find a wide range of Czech beers in each restaurant you visit. You can even get a beer at McDonald's!

Get Ready!!!

The Toy Museum and the National Technical Museum in Prague will undoubtedly appeal to children. 

There's also the zoo and excursions all throughout the city to suit everyone's tastes. Don't forget to stop by a bakery or cake shop. 

Adults can explore the many party zones. All night long, pubs and clubs are ready to wow you.

So, if you need further information on Prague, reach us in the comment section below. We can get back to you with the best answers ASAP.