Karen Zulu is Edwin Sodi's official girlfriend (fiancée). They have been dating each other for quite some time now (8 months, precisely). 
Taking to social media, and accurate entertainer, Popcorn, confirmed that Edwin Sodi's real girlfriend is Karen Zulu. This is the primary reason she's usually seen at his residence.

According to information, it was reported that Karen Zulu was seen at Edwin Sodi's Tzaneen home yesterday.

Information reads:

"What is Karen Zulu doing?

Karen Zulu just posted a clip of herself at Edwin Sodi's Tzaneen home.

"Edwin Sodi is pulling all the women, but his company Base Property Group fails to pay salaries.

"Employees were asked to expect delays in payment from the 30th April 2022 to 13 May 2022.

Rumour has it Edwin Sodi and Minnie Dlamini kept their spark alight whilst Dlamini-Jones was married. It is also said that his private jet was put to good use entertaining Minnie Dlamini and her friends."

Video below: