Getting outfit-ready for the summer season is extremely exciting. To help you prepare and not miss out on the top trends this year, in this article D2Line will share some creative ideas for summer clothing and how to make stunning combinations.

Summer is just around the corner

Summertime is almost here and you know what that means - it is time to prep your summer wardrobe! That includes organizing your closet, selectively picking out your summery clothes, and going shopping for new hot and trendy summer fashion finds.

7 ideas for summer clothing

Saturated linen shirts

Oversized linen shirts with saturated vibrant colours are bound to be a huge thing this upcoming summer season. So if you want to stay ahead of the trends, stand out, and be loud with a fresh young style, definitely consider this garment option.

Forget softer hues. Some of the colours and shades to consider for your saturated linen shirt are deep violet, tangerine, bright yellow, and lime green. You can wear it unbuttoned, like a blazer, showing off your white or neutral tops and shorts from underneath. Complement the look with bold accessories.

Straight-leg jeans

Jeans will forever be a top choice for summer. This year, however, skinny denim pants are absolutely not it. But you know what is? Straight-leg jeans. Straight-leg jeans are an absolute hit with the young fashionista crowds, fashion influencers, and celebrities.

Going for this type of thin summer jeans will make you feel comfy and help you keep a youthful look at the same time. That sounds like a huge win, right? Combine with sneakers, a subtle ruffled crop top, or a cute tucked-in t-shirt with a colourful print for an everyday look. Go for a stylish shirt and elegant heels if you are looking for the work-appropriate wow effect.

Matching sets

Matching sets of clothing are going to be very on-trend this upcoming season. Feel free to get creative with bold and bright coloured sets, or explore some cute abstract patterns in black and white.

Coordinating the top and bottom of your outfit to match would be super easy, as all brands are already eating this trend up and putting out amazing two-piece sets. So you would have access to this type of summer fashion, no matter where your clothes budget stands.

Low-back bodysuits

Summer is a hot season. Understandably, nobody wants to go through the scorching heat and sweat like crazy in their clothes. This is where low-back bodysuits save the day. With an alluring exposed back, you get to feel stylish and attractive. At the same time, you will hardly get too warmed up.

Low-back bodysuits are very versatile, so you can wear them topped up with a modern knee-length skirt, classic jeans, or elegant pants. Choose your favourite option depending on the social setting and the occasion you are dressing up for.

Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are never getting out of style! These timeless garments are adorable and flowy, and their comfort level is immaculate. A stylish belt or a silk twill scarf will elevate the outfit. Spice up the summer maxi dress ever further with comfortable shoes and statement accessories that match your personal style.

Chiffon, satin, and silk are going to be the top materials for maxi dresses this summer. Colorwise, choose something vivid if you want to stand out, something neutral for a business outfit, or choose a delicate floral pattern to rock an everyday look.

Satin suits

Satin is one of the most demanded fabrics this upcoming summer season. So if you want to awaken your inner fashion icon, we urge you to express your style with a chic satin suit. Choose a vivid colour for your suit to make a statement and try to avoid heavy patterns and animal prints.

If you need to achieve a subtle professional look, select a satin suit in a neutral colour and combine it with your favourite work-appropriate bags, belts, twill scarves, and shoes.

Heel sandals

When we think about summer, there is one type of shoes, in particular, that pops up in our minds almost every time - sandals. This summer, fashion lovers get to wear them with an elegant twist.

Heel sandals are dominating the shoe fashion scene. This type of sandals will give you more height, elongate your legs, and at the same time - keep up the fresh summertime vibe of your outfit. Combine them with a flowy dress or a matching set and complete the fit with summer-inspired jewellery and accessories.