Honda has been one of the most popular automotive companies across the globe for many years. Its vehicles have a reputation for durability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, Honda engine systems are known for their performance and innovation. Even though the company promotes itself as a producer of reliable vehicles, it is also known for innovation in its engines. At the same time, there are many engines from which to choose, so which engines from Honda are the greatest? Take a look at some of the most popular machines in the recent past, and see if they might work well for your vehicle.

1. The DOHC VTEC Engine

The VTEC line of engines received a significant boost in 1989. That year, the new DOHC variant was introduced. It was used in the Honda Integra, known as the Acura Integra in the United States, and featured in the vehicle's XSi model.

The engine featured a 1.6 L B16A four-cylinder design. The engine pumped out 160 horsepower, taking the popular Integra from a budget car to a high-performance vehicle without sacrificing its fuel economy. The engine was a significant hit, and the car sold well thanks to its innovative design and high-performance engine.

Because the engine did so well, the machine was used in numerous other vehicles. For example, it was also used in the Honda Civic and Honda CRX, which were popular in Europe. The horsepower dropped slightly in these vehicles, clocking in at around 150 hp. This specific engine was prevalent during the 1990s. Numerous models from Honda were made with this popular engine. The United States was exposed to the engine for the first time in the Acura NSX, where a 3.0 L V6 was featured in the Acura NSX. The Honda Prelude, one of the top sellers in the US markets, also featured this engine.

This engine genuinely allowed the famous car company to dominate the auto market across the globe in the 1990s, which is why this engine is on the list.

2. The K Series and i-VTEC Engine

It is almost impossible to talk about this engine type without mentioning the Fast and Furious movie series. The early 2000s saw the release of the popular movie franchise, which is responsible for the skyrocketing popularity of the K Series and the i-VTEC engine almost overnight. Instantly, numerous car enthusiasts were scrambling for the machine, and it became one of the top products for Honda.

The i-VTEC car system reflects new ideas, more complexity, and sophisticated designs. The engineers added the Variable Timing Control system, improving the performance of the engine.

The changes in the engine improved the fuel economy, which every driver can appreciate, and the engine was much more powerful. In the Honda Civic Si, the powerful engine featured 200 horsepower, but clever individuals could take the four-cylinder engine and turn it into a fountain of power, with some upgrades exceeding 1000 horsepower if correctly done. This is a beautiful example of the technology's versatility, which is another reason so many people have fallen in love with it.

Even though Honda has produced more powerful engines, car enthusiasts fell in love with this one because of the attention it received from the famous movie franchise, which continues to make new films. The incredible popularity, versatility, and power of this engine series mean it has a spot on this list.

3. The VTEC Turbo

If you have ever seen a Honda Civic driving around that looks like a sports car, there is a good chance you are looking at the new Honda Civic Type R. Now, the VTEC system is being blended with the innovative Variable Cylinder Management system. Most people knew that the VTEC engine would be paired with a turbocharger at some point in the future, and the introduction of the Honda Civic Type R back in 2017 was just that time.

While Honda Civics have long been tied to naturally aspirated engine systems, the Type R meant VTEC was getting an introduction to the boosted world, which meant it was entering a new field of performance.

Finally, the 200-horsepower barrier wasn’t just broken but shattered. The turbocharger, along with numerous other engine upgrades, meant that the horsepower of this powerful engine clocked in the north of 300 hp. While the boost already leads to a massive improvement in engine performance, the VTEC system still has an incredible amount of poise and control where other turbochargers do not. For this reason, the new engine system has become incredibly popular.

Now, the Honda Civic Type R is famous not only on the racetrack but also on the traditional road. The engine is reliable, durable, and robust. The Type R Honda Civic has been famous overseas for a long time but now has an incredible following in the United States as well. While the engine is new, and its history is still being written, early reviews indicate that it is among the best ones ever made by an auto manufacturer with a long and storied history.

Looking to the Future of Honda Engines

These are just a few of the many engines designed by Honda during its long history. While other engines have also performed well, these are some of the most powerful and famous in its history. Many of these engines led to a paradigm shift in the way vehicles were designed. These engines also helped introduce new cars to specific markets.

The future is still unclear, but Honda has something else up its sleeve. The company has a reputation for innovation and performance, and the recent addition of a turbocharger to its engine could open up new opportunities. It will be exciting to see what happens next, and drivers everywhere are waiting with anticipation to see what changes Honda makes in the future. Till then, plenty of used and remanufactured Honda engines are available from Reman-Transmission,