Chests of drawers have many different functions and are stylish pieces of furniture. They have many uses beyond simply storing your folded clothes. A chest can quickly organize any space by storing small objects you use around the home. That’s why they are great in any room, but let’s start by looking at the different uses they can have in a bedroom.

Use a chest on the shorter side as a bedside table. It has more surface space than a typical nightstand and therefore can hold more objects. Be sure not to clutter the surface top to keep the room looking tidy.

In large closets, adding a chest instantly turns the space into a dressing room. You can also use it as storage at the foot of your bed. They’re the perfect size for guest rooms as visitors can unpack their personal belongings and keep them neatly stored during their trip.

Thinking about purchasing a toy box for your child’s room? Get a chest of drawers instead. Not only can you keep clothing in there, but their toys can be placed in the lower drawers. Any tools they use for arts and crafts can also be housed in the chest.

Don’t be afraid to dress it up; you can decorate your bedroom chest in many different ways. Place a mirror above it to balance out the space. Or use a table runner across the surface to add colour and flair to the piece.

In the living or family room, chests make wonderful end tables. Because of the ample surface space, you can purchase a larger lamp than you would for a standard end table. A long waist-height chest makes a great console table to place at the back of the sofa.

If you host game night at your home, then store all of your games and accessories in the chest. Dice, poker chips, cards, game boards, and pens and paper to keep scores can all fit in the chest. Think about your hobbies as well. Do you love knitting? Then keep your needles and yarn in the chest drawers.

Dining rooms and kitchens can also make good use of a chest. When you’re entertaining on game night, set up a coffee station in the kitchen using a chest of drawers. Visitors will have everything they need in one central location. Cups, stirrers, spoons, and more can all be stored in the chest.

Place one in the kitchen and use it as an island to store shallow pans and baking accessories. Install a few hooks on the side and place potholders and utensils on them.

When you work from home, keeping your files and supplies organized is much easier when you have a chest to use. If you have a garage, add one there also. Use it to store seasonal items such as Christmas lights or wrapping paper and cards for any occasion. However, you choose to use it, make sure the chest adds value to your daily life.