A tattoo is more than artistic ink on the skin; it's a lifestyle and a fashion statement. And it's no surprise that they are becoming popular among Aussies, as in other parts of the world. If you have been wishing to get inked, now is the time as there is a new and trendy form of tattooing.

Forget grandma's embroidered sweaters; enjoy basic to unorthodox embroidery tattoos!

Call it one of the best combos of traditional and modern worlds coming together for unique creations never seen before. So, what is an embroidery tattoo? In simple terms, it is a tattoo that looks like it is embroidered on the skin. These tattoos are undoubtedly trendy and modern. But by looking at it, you can't help but notice their link to our past. Most people grew up learning to stitch various patterns from their parents and grandparents. The best tattoo professionals can bring beautiful and creative designs to life with only a few ideas. You say it, and they are on it!

Beat the odds with 3D tattoos

With rich texture, even you will have difficulty convincing your friends that the tattoo was not directly sewn in. Besides, they give off that popping look for a 3D appearance with their super-realistic illusion. While there are other 3D tattoos in the ink world, embroidery tattoos feature a three-dimensional depth. The small x's sit on top of the skin and quickly add up to create a whole picture. An impression is written all over them. A talented tattoo artist can recreate a picture effortlessly for a customisable design that will sweep you off your feet.

Unique designs

Embroidered tattoos are best if you wish to stand out with your inking. Still, nature-oriented embroidered tattoos are more popular because they simply look great. Infectious patterns include flowers, and their beauty is stressed with these tattoos. Animals, on the other hand, are excellent subjects. You can check out examples to understand how they will look on you. Your best amine characters will even look cuter in these tattoos. They blend bold and solid hues, complex details, and shadow effects to offer a unique ambiance. Get friends and people talking with Winnie the Pooh or Pokemon characters.

Cosmetic tattoo training can include courses on:

Online eyeliner cosmetic tattoo course

Covers digital tattoo machine setup, color and pigment theory, lip shaping, and more

Brow mastery course

Offers international accredited courses on cosmetic tattoos and permanent makeup

Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing

Helps technicians improve their skills and knowledge to provide safe and effective treatments 

Other cosmetic tattoo techniques include:


A cosmetic tattoo technique that uses a pen with a thin blade to create micro-cuts in the shape of hair, which are then filled with pigment

Lip permanent makeup

A form of cosmetic tattooing that uses PMU pigments, which are specially formulated to fade away after a certain time.

BB Glow Mesotherapy

Uses micro needles to cover skin imperfections, but is not a dermatological or medical treatment 

Finding your tattoo specialist

A great embroidered tattoo can be the works of a highly experienced and talented team with numerous examples to show you. This gives you an idea of what to expect. They should boast a wide range of artists who can help bring your ideas to life in a special way. Some parlours specialise in certain types of tattoos. It's best to determine if they have experience in the kind of tattooing you want, whether flower or anime embroidery.

Remember that you will wear a tattoo for the rest of your life, so it's highly advisable to choose someone who truly cares about their clients and is super accurate in making every moment count. Most importantly, they should be comfortable working with any custom designs. So that whether you want a simple or an intricate design, everything is workable. If you aren't a fan of your existing tattoo, it's also worth looking at tattoo cover up services in your area.  


Embroidery tattooing is trending, and tattoo fanatics will be spoilt for choice with endless possibilities. Still, these tattoos need numerous sessions to complete the look and create a unique and satisfying appearance. While the sessions can be painful, the result is rewarding!