The IT infrastructure is the backbone of a company. As a matter of fact, IT is indispensable to the day to day running of the company. Unfortunately, IT networks and systems are bound to fail, and there are a number of problems that managers and employees face in the workplace. You should be aware of these problems so that you can seek a solution in time. Here are 5 common IT issues in the workplace.

Poor Network Security

A business can only operate effectively if the network is secure and safe. Hackers are aware that some businesses have not invested in a secure network, and they are eager to take advantage of this vulnerability. At the same time, some companies do not offer sufficient training on the use of networks. As an employee, you should be prepared for the eventuality of network failure because the network does fail, and this interrupts your working process.

Lack of Data Back-Up and BackUp Issues

If there is something that can be frustrating, then that is the loss of data. Take for instance a case where one prepares a project for months, only to lose it in the end. Loss of data can result from a deliberate attempt to delete data, or it can be to an IT issue such as an overloaded router. One can also delete data accidentally. Some companies, simply, do not have a comprehensive data backup system, and this can be very costly to the business. Others have a data backup system which is not effective.

Slow Computer

If the computer is overloaded, or if the computer is infected with viruses, then it could slow down. This means that the computer is not going to facilitate the execution of tasks in an effective and fast way. Perhaps you do not use software such as Ccleaner which clears junk in your computer. The source of viruses and malware is when you click on suspicious websites or click on unverified emails.

Problem With the Printer

The printer is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the office, and many offices cannot operate without the printer. Issues with the printer are caused by paper jams, poor printing quality, printer printing nothing, and printing taking longer to print. Again, parts of the printer could be outdated.

Shutting Down of the Computer

There are cases where the computer shuts down on its own. The computer may shut down without any warning. One of the reasons why computers shut down without any warning is overheating. This is common if the computer is doing a hard task, playing a video game for instance. Abnormal sounds could mean a fan which is malfunctioning.

Technology is a unique and wonderful thing, and it enables companies to realize their objectives. However, IT support issues are common and they slow down the running of the business. Common IT issues at the workplace include poor network security, lack of data backup, slow computer, problems with the printer, and shutting down of the computer without any warning.