From childhood stereotypes formed chiefly by parents, people rarely change their points of view, especially with deep beliefs. It is also true of games, the association of which is immediately negative. After all, we are convinced that they cut us off from the real world and are addictive. Unfortunately, this information is unreliable because it is not officially or scientifically confirmed. And the benefits of popular games on Android and Apple platforms have been proven many times over.

Below are seven reasons that show that sometimes playing games is even valid.

Get to Know Different People

In games, it is much easier to get acquainted with someone. Online, people feel more open because they share a common hobby. It brings them closer together. Players can be called more social than a considerable number of people who altogether refuse to play games. There are a lot of stories about how people found their soul mates and got married thanks to the communication they had during online games.

Studies have shown that most gamers are engaged in sports, creativity, and attending cultural events.

Improvement of Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is directly related to our victories and triumphs. So, when a participant wins, he feels good. And his self-esteem grows.

A study found that a person playing the role of a good hero is behaving and in contact with people in life. Professors confirmed this from Trent and Stanford Universities.

Games are in Development

Before starting to do something, everyone wants to know as much information about this activity as possible. The benefit of games is that they expand the horizons.

For example, players of "Tanks" were surveyed and found that they became more interested in military history and the tank's structure. Because of this, they began to visit exhibitions and museums related to this topic.

Development of Creativity and Imagination

The player faces many challenges. A person sharpens the ability to find different ways to answer and begins to think more broadly by solving them.

Games Enhance Coordination and Memory and Develop Logical Thinking

The best proof is that in Europe, in schools, children play games on s because they help develop logical thinking and memory. Various puzzles manifested it well. The benefits of games are confirmed even in schools. Also, some surgeons use shooters to practice movement coordination to perform successful surgeries.

The Release of Emotions

From time to time, we need an expression of emotions, including negative ones. Games assist in avoiding arguments with friends, relatives, and family members because all emotional outbursts of aggression occur online on the characters in the game.

Also, shooters and action games are great ways to distract from the pain because the brain is busy doing the task, and the focus on the ailment is reduced.

Wives frequently complain about their husbands who sit down to play shooters after a long day at work. However, we have concluded that it is better to let the man divert from the negative to avoid spoiling a good family relationship.

Remember, stereotypes sometimes need to be broken. The article confirms the benefits of games successfully. Weigh the pros and cons to find value in everything and put it to use.