If you have been accused of academic misconduct, it can be troublesome for you and your parents. You will have to defend yourself in such a manner that it does not cost your student life. First, it is important to learn that academic misconduct is a broader term, not just copying someone’s work and cheating. Some actions may be considered criminal, and relevant charges are imposed. Before doing anything on your own, contacting a lawyer for academic misconduct is highly recommended. He can guide you better on what to do and whatnot.

Violating academic integrity

It is vital for every student to understand what academic misconduct is as soon as he or she gets admission to the school or college. Some of the examples are elaborated below:
  • Honour code violations- In this type, if the student is found possessing weapons, drugs, and alcohol within the premises of the school, he may be charged with severe allegations.
  • Cheating- is another type of academic misconduct that comes into play if the student is found copying the material or paper of another student in the examination hall. Some other examples may include using mobile phones or getting answers from outside during exams.
  • Plagiarism- In many cases, the student may purchase materials for assignments from outside and put his name on them; it is considered plagiarised work. Other examples include getting the work done by another student or submitting the same work in multiple assignments.

What Is Meant By Term Academic Misconduct?

If a student fails to maintain the standard of academic integrity of the education program, he will fall into the category of academic misconduct. Activities that are considered unethical, such as cheating during the exam, forging the sign of administrative authority, sexual misconduct offence, and violence on a college campus, all can lead to sexual misconduct charges. Falling into such activities is easy but getting out of sexual misconduct charges is tough. That’s why many guardians or students themselves prefer to hire attorneys who can help them with sexual misconduct cases.

An experienced attorney will present your case in a way to the academic authority that they will understand the reason for your wrongdoing. Sometimes students cheat in exams because they are unable to study due to family reasons or other logical reasons. If the reason is well presented in front of the authority, they will show the students some mercy.

Further, attorneys also understand your case deeply and take their time to present it. They won’t rush anything as they know that one bad action can ruin your future. Moreover, an experienced attorney has a lot of connections, so they will utilise them and try to cut you a deal that can benefit you. Moreover, attorneys sympathise with students but also provide them counselling so that they won’t do such kind of stuff in the future.

How does an attorney help in the process?

If you have been charged with these allegations, you should immediately hire an attorney. He will be able to assist you with drafting emails to officials, replying to the board, and defending yourself at the time of the hearing. He can help you with the opening and closing statements explaining apology, remedies, and situations in which the incident took place.

Besides that, he can accompany you to the hearing if your school or college allows you. Mostly, the panel is comprised of staff members, teachers, and students. The main purpose of the hearing is to establish whether the student is guilty or not. Moreover, the board is there to help the student and understand his situation so that expulsion and any severe consequences can be avoided.

To strengthen your case, it is suggested to find a lawyer who can make a great difference in your case.