The immense pressure of handing the last rites is unexplainable. It could be one of the most trying and draining phases of one's life. Therefore planning and having a strategy to execute the funeral services helps in handling the overwhelming situation and makes it a calm and memorable one as it is meant to be.

The below steps would help in managing the emotional situation in a sequence:

Make a list of pre-arrangements requirements.

The critical point to find out first is the funeral plot. Mostly in the traditional funerals, the disposition burial is chosen, and it requires a funeral plot. The family must get information about the funeral plot of the loved one who had made any arrangements earlier, or they should do it. Usually, the religious community usually offers funeral plots to the members. The family could find out if there is any funeral plot available or contact the funeral home to make arrangements.

Create an obituary

As a service provider, you need to ensure that everything goes according to the family’s wishes. Yet as they usually are unsettled in the stressful situation gathering contact details of close relatives, including spouse, children, and grandchildren, birthdate, and date of death, work details must be done carefully. You could mention the date, timing of services, and location in case you plan to invite everyone. Try to make it a memorable one.

Look for a funeral home.

Today there is a growing need for funeral service providers because they will complete all the services and make arrangements for the ceremonies perfectly without any glitches. Although it is unconventional since the family members would be mourning the death, it would be difficult to focus on performing all the rites perfectly. Find references or check directories and see who fits your budget and goals.

Plan on how to perform the funeral

Whether or not you are considering a funeral home, you must decide on the type of funeral service. The service can be performed in traditional burial, direct cremation service, or green burial. Contacting the funeral home will allow you to get an idea of the types and the costs involved for them. Also, other questions can be answered like open or closed caskets, whether the ashes will be scattered or deposited in an urn, or whether any charitable contributions are offered.

Finalise on casket or urn

It might be surprising to many, but many different types of urns and caskets are available in the market. You can decide on the design, material, and finish or the cast of the cremation container.

Planning the service

The service includes many aspects like:
  • Prayer representative: Calling the pastor to perform the prayer and the sermon. The pastor will complete all the services you may choose, like the visitation, burial, memorial, etc.
  • Music: the arrangements must include music for the ceremony, especially the memorial service. The family can plan for videos, photos, and songs to play at the ceremony in memory of the loved one.
  • Clothing: if you choose to bury the loved one, you must decide on the clothing. The family can plan to bury any heirlooms, jewellery, photos, etc., with the loved one.

Post memorial service requirements

Usually, after the memorial service, the family hosts a reception in the memory of the loved one. Food preparation and planning is a big tasks in such situations. It would be best to hire a caterer for it. Catering service reduces stress as the caterer would plan the meals and make necessary arrangements like seating arrangements, service, etc. If not, you will have to properly plan the number of guests and menu and get into all the details, which may be emotionally challenging.


You could decide on the relatives or friends who are emotionally attached yet can hold their thoughts together and speak about the loved one. It is okay if they get emotional while speaking about the important thing to determine who is ready to share their memories.

Consider a funeral service planner who would make sure that this memorable ceremony will be graceful. Keeping these points as a checklist will help in balancing emotions.