If you're planning to hit the beach, go for long runs, or work outside a lot in 2024, investing in a high-quality pair of sunglasses is necessary. Here are the top 10 sunglasses from Wiley X that you should check out this year.

1. Wiley X Romer 3 Tactical Sunglasses

These sunglasses are compatible with prescription or standard lenses; you can choose between gray and rust tints. The frames and lenses are waterproof and comply with the American National Standards Institute's regulations for shatterproof lenses.

2. Wiley X Ignite Tactical Glasses

These sunglasses include polarized polycarbonate lenses for maximum protection from UV rays. Choose between gray lenses, which let through 15% of the natural light environment, or select the blue lenses for even more protection; they allow as little as 12% of light through.

3. Wiley X Twisted Sunglasses

Twisted sunglasses from Wiley X are ideal for high-adventure outdoor sports such as trail running or mountain biking. Each purchase comes with a cord to track your glasses, and you can choose between polarized gray or green lenses.

4. Wiley X Aspect Tactical Sunglasses

If you're looking for a lighter style that still provides maximum protection, Aspect sunglasses are the solution. Choose between matte black and bronze frames, and let the polarized green and amber lenses shield your eyes from UV glare.

5. Wiley X Guard Tactical Sunglasses

Rely on the rubber temple grips to keep these heavy-duty sunglasses on as you explore the great outdoors. Thanks to a T-Shell coating, you don't have to worry about scratches; each purchase comes with multiple lens tints.

6. Wiley X Breach Sunglasses

These sunglasses are perfect if you're wearing a face or ski mask or are worried about your glasses fogging up. A unique ventilation system gives you power over how much air moves between your lenses and eyes. Platinum and bronze polarized lenses are both options for this style.

7. Wiley X Content Sunglasses

Choose Wiley X sunglasses if you're a hunter or enjoy other outdoor activities requiring maximum visibility. The blue polarized lenses are ideal; the polarized green ones are better for forests.

8. Wiley X Ovation Sunglasses

These slate, black, or brown frames house lenses that offer total protection from UV radiation without being too heavy. They come with detachable side shields, which are great for both work and recreation.

9. Wiley X Climb Sunglasses

Outdoor rock climbing requires maximum visibility, which is that takes timeeve if you have to squint to plan your next move. Climb sunglasses' tight design keeps them against your face, protecting you from peripheral glare without needing adjustment.

10. Wiley X Glory Sunglasses

Keep out the sun in style with a pair of Glory sunglasses. Put rose gold (if your lighting changes regularly) or blue (if your lighting is highly bright) lenses into the sturdy black frames. Don't let the sun get to your eyes in 2024; wear a long-lasting pair of safety sunglasses from Safety Gear Pro.