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Imagine opening a book and finishing it like it was another “Tik-Tok” scroll.

Nowadays, I bet you can barely finish reading this whole article without getting a distraction.

A recent study now shows how American students in this generation suffer from this massive.

Information streaming to their mind. Lucky, I had the chance to experience both worlds of this era and the one before the “Smartphones”. This study had pointed to significate difficulties in constriction one thing at a time. Also, a massive increase in stress and anxiety.

Let’s say it in a simple way on the table. This generation is going down to nowhere good for brain activities. Yes, we are multi-tasking everything nowadays, but it seems like our mind is going backwards with creativity and real reading/writing skills.

More millennials are attending college than any previous generation. According to the Pew Research Center, the number of college-educated young adults with a bachelor's degree is at its highest point yet — 40% of millennial workers aged 25 to 29 had a bachelor's degree in 2016, compared to 32% of Gen Xers in 2000 and 26% of baby boomers in 1985.

This fact is mind-blowing since it is the opposite of everything we have talked about so far.

We would think that millennials will have a harder time studying and getting their bachelor’s.

Now we will have to wait for the new data from Pew for generation Y. My bet for a fact is that Y gen will be suffering the most from all gens before 1985. In fact, it seems like their entrepreneur road got no chance to leave the runway. Their best option draws to be going to college!

If you are a parent of a Y gen or just part of Y gen, I will strongly recommend you: start saving for college.

This generation might surprise all of us. Here is why:
  • They can multitask & process this world better than any of us.
  • If the economy has another big rest, they will be first ahead.
  • Eventually, they will have to take charge of top positions.
  • For most of the jobs that will be gone by AI, Gen ‘Y’ will be the best fit for the market.
As this study might show the bad side of tech, we need to also look at the good sides such as zoom classes, top of the line computers, deep study tools etc.

AI and tech are invadable. We need to accept it and learn how to live side by side it.

Going to college in the U.S. is often expensive. Prices for undergraduate tuition, fees, room, and board at public colleges and universities rose by 31% from 2007 to 2017 (Snyder et al., 2018). Combined with climbing costs for room and board, rising tuition fees compound the issue of student loan debt.

Arthur: Daniel

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