A perfect journey starts with the perfect music.

Without the right music, you can’t get in the mood to travel, have fun, be free-spirited and let go of all of your worries.
A travel playlist is a hard one to make. There’s no hard-and-fast rule here that you can’t include party or gloomy songs. Whichever songs you choose must resonate with your feelings of journeying to the unknown.
You can download as many songs as you want from the rarbg platform, but before you go through the trouble of selecting the best travel songs, let’s take a look at our list.
We’ve done the legwork so that you can enjoy and groove your head with these beats.
Let’s begin:

1: Where The Streets Have No Name—U2

The sound of an organ grows up from a whisper, like a spiritual beacon being revealed. 
Adam Clayton's relentless bassline comes in after more than a minute, and Bono's vocals arrive after another 40 seconds. 
Even though this song is about Bono's ideal of an Ireland free of class divisions, it has encouraged numerous highway warriors to explore paths that aren’t on the map.

2: Highway To Hell—AC/DC

This song is a classic travel song, and you don’t have to resonate with it if you’re on the road. You can even listen to it if you travel on the train and just glare at the floating scene outside.
But, you get the whole vibe of this energetic tune if you travel with lots of friends. 
The way Brian Johnson sings this song makes us wonder if he wrote it while he was on a highway to hell.
The band said that it seemed like the perfect song as they were constantly touring. So, if you want to nurture your maverick spirit, tune into this song right now. 

3: Keep The Car Running—Arcade Fire

The song is based on vocalist Win Butler's childhood nightmares, amplifying these worries into a sense of worldwide dread and the belief that something better is just around the corner. 
The song was compared to Bruce Springsteen's prime at the time of its release, so you can imagine the delight of fans.
If you listen to this music while driving, be extremely cautious not to exceed the speed limit.

4: Heat Waves—Glass Animals

It makes you nostalgic. So, when you drive on the road, and the heat waves of wind touch your face and hair, you resonate with this song.
David Bayley wrote this song in the memory of one of his closest friends who died recently.
So, the lyrics don’t have anything to do with journey or vacation, but it has still carved a place in travellers’ hearts and accompany them as they move. 

5: Take It Easy—The Eagles

Although it is a brief song, it’s a gentle ode to the romanticism of the open road, where a world of problems—romantic and otherwise—can be tossed aside at the sight of a girl. 
The song's rejection of concern and release into insouciant adventure, co-written by vocalist Glenn Frey and his pal Jackson Browne, are great for alleviating stress on a journey. 
You take a trip to come out of your regular stress in life, which is what the song exactly advises.

6: Graceland—Paul Simon

Paul Simon's 1986 single is a brilliant, toe-tapping example of how one’s life changes after breaking up a relationship, and in this case, his marriage broke up with Carrie Fisher.
Hence, we’re treated to what's effectively his stream of consciousness on a journey to Graceland with his kid. 
It spans the range of feelings we always seem to experience a bit more profoundly on the road, at turns nostalgic and hopeful.

7: I Drove All Night—Cyndi Lauper

But, this song from her third album finds her in a different mood. 
She takes the wheel, driven by a passionate need, and drives herself to her lover's bed. 
Topping the lyrics, there’s Lauper’s voice, and her extended last note perfectly encapsulates the song’s relentless desire.

Get! Set! Go!

This is why these travel songs have captivated our hearts, minds, and spirits.
If you need to know more about these travel songs, or need more song recommendations like these, feel free to reach us in the comment box below. 
This classic U2 hit is a great way to start any road trip. 
Keep the Car Running is one of the best hits from the band's uber dark, epic 2007 album 'Neon Bible.' 
This song is from the recent era, and the British Indie Rock Band Glass Animals sit on the Billboard for the longest time due to this song’s undying craze.
The Eagles made it their debut song in 1972.
Whether we expect it or not, travelling is a time for reflection. 
Cyndi Lauper's irreverent thrift-shop spunk occasionally disguised her great range and sensitivity as a vocalist in the 1980s.
As much as we love city life, sometimes, it feels good to leave everything up to fate and get out on the road.