Pimville in the Gauteng Province, Soweto, where the Operation Dudula members were ambushed by illegal foreigners with rifles during a meeting due to an electricity crisis and cable theft. The community members have always been concerned about the rampant criminality that terrorised the area and caused unnecessary stress. Of course, they are seriously concerned about this, and they want it to be dealt with decisively.

As always, Kgomotso went with the community members to check cable thieves, as this was frequently affecting the power supply in his area. But what they were met with was seriously devastating because as soon as they showed up in the area. They were met with gunfire, and they were forced to retreat. Unfortunately, this man was shot dead in the incident, and five others were injured, including two who managed to sustain a flesh wound to their leg.

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The deceased is named Kgomotso Diale, and his family is seriously devastated by this. After all, they feel like he could have avoided this by not going along with the operation Dudula members because, in the end, they got hurt, and they did not achieve anything that they wanted to.

About 5 women were injured, Sustaining several injuries from gunshot wounds; these people were unarmed, just concerned about the community’s infrastructure. This was their mistake for being concerned about the constant power outages in their town and wanting to deal with it. They were met with gunfire, and the police will not retaliate against the community members, which is sad.

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This incident proved that we are literally on our own because there’s no law enforcement, and the government is failing us dismally in all departments. And those of us who were brave enough to stand up instead of talking about it are being shot at and not receiving any support from the government and the police. Which makes you wonder if this is okay for the citizens of this country, to be experiencing such harsh punishment for being patriotic.