Nhlanhla Lux
The leader of South Africa’s anti-immigration group, Operation Dudula, claims that they were attacked on Monday afternoon by foreigners in Soweto’s Kliptown informal settlements while looking for people linked with the stealing of power cables.

In a tweet, Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini, said, “We just got shot at with AK47s and R5s in Soweto! Zimbabweans and Sotho Nationals opened fire in a SA community crowd that was attending to cable theft. My guys got hit! My guys got hit! My guys got hit! Commanders MORNING!”

In another tweet, with a photograph of one of his colleagues showing a gunshot wound, Dlamini said, “We were ambushed by illegal foreigners with rifles! 1 of our guys died on the spot; we waiting for hospitals to update us on the 5+ SA women who got shot from the back. QUESTION for illegal foreigners & SA politicians; are u sure about this route you are taking?”

Police were unavailable for comment.

Reacting to Dlamini’s tweet, Zimbabwean, Takunda, said, “You need to stop illegal operations and expose South African citizens to this danger. Residents, documented or undocumented have a right to protect themselves from dangers coming from your operation. Stop it before this gets out of control.”

The Sowetan newspaper reports that one person was killed and others wounded in skirmishes between the local residents and Operation Dudula activists.

According to the newspaper, there was an altercation, shots were fired and one person was certified dead on the scene while a second person was wounded.

The newspaper reports that all the victims are South Africans.