Magdalene Moonsamy is Kelly Khumalo's Lawyer; she was instructed to leave in the court of law by the judge this morning because she was there on behalf of a client Kelly Khumalo.
Kelly Khumalo and Senzo Meyiwa
This could mean many things, but the judge believes that the same information that Mrs Khumalo is withholding from the court, also there are some things that her lawyer might know. The public does not yet know. This could be detrimental to the five witnesses and the five accused that I am already in court trying to figure out what could have happened when Senzo Meyiwa died.

Orlando Pirates had lost themselves an icon on a beautiful goalkeeper who has saved them multiple times and won numerous trophies with the team.
Kelly Khumalo
Kelly was reported to have gone to see a sangoma on the night that Senzo media had died. So they suspect that something could be on with her. Why was the evidence tampered with? Because it was said that when somebody is dead, they do not suppose to touch him.

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A lot more could come out of this case, and people would understand that it was a thriller to watch. Also, Netflix jumped in on it, and they made a documentary which ended with the court case, which is going on right now.

Picture: Magdalene Moonsamy
Picture: Magdalene Moonsamy

Her lawyer is most likely devastated that she's been thrown out of Court, and the truth is that she was just there to observe on behalf of a client who could be in deep trouble if the accused were to mention her name.
Story of the year and this year, we might conclude about who might have killed the Orlando pirates Superstar.