People are sent to prison in order for them to pay for their crimes and atone for their sins, all in the hopes that they might actually change their ways and become good law-abiding citizens that can live amongst people in communities. People expect these prisons to be harsh on criminals to make them feel the effects of their actions, but they are starting to see a different side of prisons.

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One person posted pictures of two convicts, Rosemary Ndlovu, who killed her and plotted to kill other family members for a quick insurance payout. The second picture was of the notorious Zandile Mafe, who was accused of burning down the South African parliament in early Feb. Before they went to prison, they looked very different in a not so good kind of way, but when they came back into the spotlight from prison, they looked completely different in a good kind of way.

People are questioning which prisons are these people being sent to because it looks like they are living the life whilst in prison, and they look better than most of us do, and we haven't even been to prison before.


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