The cryptocurrency industry is one of the most lucrative in the world - we all have heard and seen incredible success stories that are possible in this market. So naturally, there is a high demand for cryptocurrency exchanges. Platforms and exchangers. One of the most interesting crypto exchangers is Tirlu.

But high public demand attracts not only legitimate businessmen and entrepreneurs but scammers as well. So the question is - “Is Tirlu Legit or Scam?”.

What does offer? allows you to sell BTC or LTC for PayPal USD. There are no other coins, fiat currencies or exchange directions offered. So it is a very specialized exchanger and doesn’t have a lot of competition - there are very few crypto platforms that interact with PayPal in any way. The thing is - PayPal forbids receiving profits from cryptocurrencies on users’ accounts. Probably, the corporation perceives decentralized finance as a major threat to its business.

In addition, there are no KYC requirements or any other verification procedure - you only have to specify the email that is used in the PayPal account you want to receive the money. A user-friendly interface and a higher than average exchange rate make Tirlu quite an attractive platform.

Proof that Tirlu is Legit

There are three main factors that allow us to confidently say that Tirlu is, in fact, a legit project and not a scam:
  1. Lots of positive reviews on Tirlu on multiple platforms all over the Internet. Of course, there are people that are upset with Tirlu (it is inevitable for any large business), but they are complaining about PayPal’s actions, not Tirlu’s.
  2. Tirlu was launched back in 2016 and is still going strong. No scam project will wait for that long before actually scamming its users out of their money.
  3. Tirlu is very open about the risks associated with selling cryptocurrencies for PayPal USD. They do not try to hide these risks in order to create a better image among their users.

Is using Tirlu safe?

Mostly - yes, it is safe. There is a risk that PayPal will put your funds on hold or even block your account, but it is a relatively rare occurrence.

As we already mentioned, receiving PayPal USD for crypto is against PayPal’s Terms of Service. However, Tirlu undertakes a number of measures to circumvent this and minimize the risks to its users:
  • Money is sent to users from different accounts in multiple transactions marked as payments for goods and services.
  • There are extensive instructions on how to conduct your operations with PayPal and crypto in order to not raise suspicions.
  • There are extensive instructions on communication with PayPal support in case of any troubles.
  • Tirlu’s support service is ready to guide you through the interaction with PayPal support in order to minimize the risks.
However, Tirlu openly admits that the risk exists and can’t be reduced to zero despite all the measures taken.