Cute and quirky is the way to go this season for your kitchen decor. More people are opting for colourful and boho items for decorating the kitchen. The kitchen needs to be functional yet cosy and pretty but easy to manage. A kitchen filled with top of the class items does not mean it is easy to clean and maintain. The kitchen is one of those faces in the house which sees a lot of wear and tear irrespective of the number of people in the house. In an Indian household, the kitchen is likely to see the wrath of spices and oil. These items can get lodged in the smallest corner of your kitchen and be difficult to get rid of. So, what can you do to make your kitchen look better and still keep it easy to maintain?

Here are a few tips that you can use to spice up your kitchen decor.
  • Step out of the colour scheme zone. Most kitchens follow up colours game which is used to build the cabinets, and all the kitchen decor depends on it. However, you can skip this and go for a colourful assembly of items.
  • If you have a bar counter that doubles up as a dining table, you can add a chic kitchen mat and make it a conventional dining table with high chairs. You can add a few small succulents to the counter.
  • Getting a few hanging lights in any room makes a huge difference to the space. Get led lights that can be stuck on above the stove for better lighting, and get hanging lights for the rest of the area in the kitchen to make it look classy in the evening.
  • Use natural lighting to your advantage. You can get small curtains for the windows in the kitchen and make use of vibrant colours to make sure the natural light makes the place seem brighter. If you use light colours, the place will seem bigger, but it will seem plain as compared to if you use colours.
  • Insert colours and patterns in mundane things. Use textured lampshades, stained glass, layer tablecloths, and small potted plants to add a little depth to your kitchen. If you have a small table, you can add a rug underneath it to make the room cosier.
  • Get cute holders for all your stuff like eggs, fruits, kitchen rolls, and so on. They will not only serve a purpose but also brighten up the place.
  • Add frames and boards on the wall to set an ambience and spread positive vibes in the house. Star your own mantras on the walls and make the kitchen an extension of your personality.
  • Add a few ceramic pots to the mix to make the place more interesting.
  • Install a cupboard where you can display the finest crockery and where it is easy to reach well.
  • Install floating shelves if you have a wall that is free. Install floating shelves to display your culinary jewels or any vintage artefacts you may have. Put a colourful jar of pickled vegetables to embrace the cliche and add a pop of colour.
These tips will give your kitchen an edge and make it stand out. Make your kitchen flawless and comfortable at the same time.