Statistics show that thieves take about 1 million bags annually in airports. Therefore, you need to take specific steps to prevent this type of theft or avert mishandling. So, what is the best way to stop a thief from targeting your bag?

While you can add a tracker to locate a piece of luggage that you can use with your smartphone, you still need to include the right accessories. Hopefully, you won’t need the tracker. To demotivate a thief from snatching your suitcase, you need to add a lock and include a luggage tag that will divert any criminal efforts.

Types of Luggage Tags to Consider

One of the best ways to do this is to choose a tag made of leather or faux leather that has an embedded message. Select a tag that you can see easily that spells out a warning, such as “Hands Off!” or “This 

Bag Is Not Your Property!”

Choose luggage tags in colours such as red, teal, or black. Make sure they contrast with or, as noted, can easily be seen against your luggage.

For instance, you don’t want to get a navy tag if you're carrying a navy bag. The tag should stand out against the bag. Never match the colour of your title to your luggage if you're going to locate your bag on the carousel.

It is often a good idea to carry colourful luggage in red, yellow, or royal blue colours. In this case, you might pair a contrasting luggage tag such as teal, black, grey, red, or pink with your luggage. You should be able to see the luggage and title from a distance.

What to Add and What Not to Add in the Contact Details

Also, be careful what you add or don’t add to the luggage tag. Crime rings hang around carousels and read labels. If you include your home address, guess what?

Therefore, professional thieves know you’re travelling and are away from home. When you add this information, a thief can quickly write down the address and break into your place and rob you.

As a result, including this additional detail can lead to theft of a different kind. When adding contact details to your luggage tag, include your name, smartphone number, and email - not your residence address and landline number.

If you do add an address, include your company address. Or, just add your work number if the airline needs to contact you about your lost bag.

When traveling, choose a nicely stitched and hefty leather luggage tag that can easily be seen on your bag.

Preferably, buy a tag with a warning and add a luggage lock so a thief will move on to a bag that is easier to grab and open.

One Final Note

A stylish leather/faux leather tag in colours such as teal, red, pink, or another shade that contrasts with your luggage. is a reasonable tag to use to head off criminal activity. Include an embedded warning message such as “Hands Off!” as an additional measure.