A versatile front ATV box can be a lifesaver for newly minted and experienced quad riders. On trips, you might need additional supplies, spare parts, tools, hunting gear, or medicine. Front-mounted containers provide extra storage space and robust security features and can be turned into coolers with some insulation.

An ATV roll cage is a structural framework that protects the driver in case of a rollover or sudden impact. It also mounts the vehicle's subsystems.
  • Roll cages are an essential safety feature in many vehicles, especially those that compete in off-road driving or motorsports. They reinforce the structure of a vehicle and prevent it from collapsing in on itself in a rollover accident. 
  • A roll cage is a series of interconnected bars that provide more comprehensive protection to the vehicle's occupants than a roll bar, a single bar installed behind the driver's seat. 
  • Roll cages can be bolted in or welded in. Bolt-in cages are cheaper and easier to fit, while welded-in cages are stronger and more substantial. 
  • The tubes and braces of a roll cage must have a diameter of at least 1.375″ (35mm) and a wall thickness of at least 0.090″ (2mm). The material should be molybdenum chromium SAE 4130 or SAE 4125 or a drawn low-carbon seamless steel tube. 
  • UTVs are often the safest off-roading option because they have a built-in roll cage or roll bar and seatbelts. 
All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility task vehicles (UTVs) or  ATV and UTV roll cages have many differences, including

Seating capacity

ATVs are designed for one rider, while UTVs can accommodate two to four riders. ATVs have a rider straddling the vehicle and operating it with a handlebar. UTVs have a driver sitting side-by-side with a passenger and operating it with a steering wheel and foot controls, similar to a car.


ATVs are primarily used for recreation and adventure, such as off-roading. UTVs are used for work or recreation, such as running errands on farms and construction sites.


ATVs can range from 50 inches wide for a single seater to 80 inches wide for a multi-passenger model. UTVs are generally larger than ATVs and are sometimes called side-by-sides or SxS.


Some say that UTVs are safer than ATVs because they have a roll cage and seat belts.

Fuel economy

ATVs and UTVs have a fuel economy of around 20 miles per gallon, averaging about 12 to 15 miles per gallon. 

About ATV Boxes

Many ATV owners buy traditional rear-mounted storage trunks. They provide up to 7 cubic feet of space which is usually enough to cover the needs of the average owner. However, you will benefit from having an ATV front cargo box that offers much better access than a traditional trunk. Or you can use them both, especially if you enjoy long-distance trips and exploration.

3 Main Reasons To Buy a Front Storage Box

  • It is perfect for storing the tools that you often use.
  • Emergency items can be accessed easily.
  • You can carry a few snacks and beverages on a short trip.
Quality front trunks are made from durable plastic or polyester that can withstand mechanical damage, rain, and heat from the sun. They can be mounted in a few minutes using standard tools. Let’s look at the features shared by the best cargo boxes in case you decide to buy one.

Recommendations Before Buying a Storage Box

Follow this list of recommendations before buying an ATV front storage box that will serve you well for years.
  • Check if it can be mounted on your ATV. Storage containers can be attached to your vehicle in different ways. While some models have universal mounting, others are designed to be compatible with ATVs produced only by specified manufacturers. Most containers come with their own mounting hardware. When securing the box to your front racks, ensure it doesn’t block your field of vision, headlight, or steering.
  • Check for reflectors. Even if you are not planning to ride at night, they help you stay visible in other low-light conditions, such as when you are riding on an overgrown forest trail.
  • Make sure that your storage box is waterproof. Front trunks are more susceptible to water damage, especially if riding through the mud or crossing streams. Boxes made from hardened plastic are preferable to soft containers because they offer better protection from the elements.
  • Security is vital. Because front containers provide easier access, they are often used to store documents and other valuable items. You should be able to lock your front trunk. Some models offer enhanced protection.
  • Durability affects your bottom level. If you decide based on the price alone, you may have to buy another container soon. You will want to use the trunk as long as possible to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • The storage volume should cover your needs. Better models provide designated space for your helmet (and the passenger’s helmet). Special compartments for food and beverages are also available. In addition, you can carry a spare set of clothes, rope, straps, and tools.
  • Mobility is important. You will frequently have to adjust your front storage box when carrying different types of cargo. You should be able to take it off and reassemble it in a few minutes. The box should not tip over if you place it on the ground.
  • Internal protection will make your precious cargo safe. A lock is great, but if the casing can be smashed with a rock or a hammer, it’s not the correct cargo box to store your valuables. Shockproof insulation will protect fragile cargo from breaking when you ride on a trail. Some trunks come with a double wall that makes the box withstand the most brutal blows.
A multi-functional, reliable storage box will have all these features and more. Additional features may include LED lights, fixtures for carrying jerry cans with extra fuel, and anti-dust and anti-moisture gaskets. You will find universal or OEM front cargo boxes for your vehicle in a UTV store specialising in aftermarket parts and accessories. While price and manufacturer are important criteria to factor in your purchase decision, pick a front cargo box with mounting hardware, a high durability status, and a solid warranty if possible.

Top-5 Front Storage Boxes

You should consider checking out many front-mounted models on the market. Here is the list of 5 popular front storage boxes recommended by ATV experts.

Black Boar ATV Front Storage Box

Compatible with most racks, made from durable polyethene, dust and water-resistant. Has anti-rust steel locks and offers additional impact protection.

Lund 288272 Challenger Series Brite ATV Front Storage Box

Made from aluminium, perfect for tools and equipment. Has a coating layer that protects from cracks and fading and offers enhanced security.

Kolpin 53360 ATV Front Rack Gear Basket

The sturdy open basket that can transport tools, buckets, and jerry cans offers full compatibility with front and rear racks. An excellent choice for farmers, hunters and fishermen.

Quadboss Front Storage Box

A simple yet customisable storage container with durable polyethene has a single wall body. A great entry-level model.

Goplus Universal ATV Front Cargo Basket Rack Luggage Carrier

Made from heavy-duty industrial steel, perfect for carrying camping gear and farm equipment. Durable and super-light won’t affect the ATV’s performance. Has a mesh surface.

Don’t forget about the exterior. A well-chosen front storage box will look like a natural part of your vehicle.