Customer retention strategies should be your priority when planning your brand, regardless of the type or size of your company. You'll find that your business is struggling to compete for survival without keeping loyal clients.

However, it may be not easy to develop new and innovative strategies to market your products and keep customers always over the years.

Therefore, here are 8 of the most important customer retention strategies that companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from implementing in today's business model.

What does customer retention mean?

The concept of customer retention refers to the measurement of customer loyalty in a business, and in other words, to the ability of a brand to maintain its customers over time and change conditions and seasons.

Therefore, high customer retention rates mean that most of your current clients put you at the top of the list of purchase choices regularly.

What is the importance of customer retention?

Customers are an essential part of purchases in any company, so the more customers buy your company's products or services, the more likely you are to buy again, thereby generating revenue and increasing your profit ratio.

Here is the importance of each business-building customer retention strategy.

Studies have shown that after one customer purchase, the customer is likely to buy only 25% of your company's products again.

After two purchases from the same customer, the likelihood of making a third purchase increased by 45%, and after three purchases, the likelihood of making a fourth purchase increased by 54%.

What are the strategies for identifying clients' needs?

A strong strategy to measure current customer retention is necessary to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand.

In addition, setting smart goals at the planning stage to produce any product or service is important, as it will provide you with a clear insight into how well your customer retention strategy works.

The method of measuring customer retention that you can use to track visitors on your website or business clients varies from brand to brand; Here are some benchmarks for launching a customer retention strategy:
  • Current client income growth rate: This measure measures revenue from successful client retention and loyalty efforts.
  • Lifetime client value: This measure is used to track the revenue resulting from purchases by a single customer of a company's services or products.
  • Rate of dislocation: The change rate helps visualise the percentage of customers who have stopped interacting with marketing and buying your products.
  • Client retention budget: The current customer retention rate will provide an overview of the number of dedicated customers who have completed the procurement of company products and services over a specified period.

The elements of a customer retention strategy?

When developing a customer retention strategy, it's essential to identify areas where you can influence, so you know where your efforts to attract customers focus on you to keep them.

You can focus on these four elements:
  • Culture: If you're trying to keep customers, you need to realise that building a transparent and similar culture to the company's target customer group will increase customer loyalty and expand your presence and presence on the market.
  • Value: Offering a unique value that is useful and valued to customers will increase the chance of potential customers who interact and buy the product or service that meets their needs.7
  • Identity: Designing an innovative identity close to the chip you want to deal with and targeting the market will be an additional attraction, thereby saving you the cost of keeping inappropriate customers.
  • Offers: Giving gifts, providing offers, and investing at the right time to offer discounts are already effective customer retention methods. You will win the loyalty of your existing customers and have the ability to win new customers.

In addition, you can create a VIP list for your regular customers and send their VIP discounts only. This encourages these customers to buy again and can also uplift the company's Image, especially under fierce competition.

Accordingly, customers who receive gifts or surprise offers often post them on social media, leading to marketing for your company and increasing the chance of brand emergence, which can help attract new customers to your business.

What are customer retention strategies?

In other words, what can you do to retain existing customers and get new customers?

Here are 8 best strategies to see how you keep customer loyalty:

1. Meet your customers:

If customers feel that your services meet their needs, they will very much want to buy from you, and it will be a source of attraction for their friends and families. In addition, satisfying new customers and earning old loyalty will make them feel rushed to give you a high customer service rating.

Applying this customer retention strategy takes some time to create genuine relationships with customers. This will undoubtedly contribute to increasing customer retention rates in your company.

2. Apply feedback systems:

One of the most important things clients want to feel is that their voice is heard. Therefore, allowing customers to talk about their experiences in procurement plays an essential role in creating a positive experience for them and contributing to your customer loyalty and retention.

The strategy of doing the polls or simply asking loyal customers to write positive comments about your products in front of others will help you learn how you feel about your business and your products or services.

Your clients can offer great insights that support your work and motivate others to buy from you.

Therefore, put your clients' suggestions into practice and review them.

3. Finding a Proactive service delivery:

A predictive service strategy is a customer service method through which you anticipate when designing your business plans and marketing strategies the problems or circumstances that may occur, meeting the resulting needs before and during their occurrence.

This is done by providing proactive services to support your company's customer retention budget and increase retention rates quickly.

4. design excellent customer service:

A relationship-building strategy may seem easy at first glance, but in reality, about 75 per cent of enterprises think it's customer-focused, but only 30 per cent of customers think it.

A 2017 study showed that 8 in 10 customers declared themselves so frustrated with customer service that they proved willing to pay more just to get a better experience and more satisfactory customer service.

The following are three ways to apply which you can strengthen your customer service strategies that will contribute to keeping customers in your company:
  • Offer an integrated experience: The customer must always feel that he gets the same care and attention whether you communicate with him over the phone, by email, by direct messaging service or at the place of sale.
  • Multiple communication channels have been provided to accommodate a larger range of communication preferences, which will increase the opportunity to retain clients and build strong relationships with them.
  • Appropriate Direct delegates to appropriate clients by assessing the client's needs and appointing the most skilled agent to focus on customer retention.

5. Use polls:

Send an email questionnaire to better understand what they feel good about you from your client retention strategies.

Every client will never be satisfied with certainty, but surveys can help you determine what interests you missed and increase customer retention rates.

While planning your company's advertising and advertising strategies, he designed a strategy specific to the time the questionnaire would be sent.

6. Be active in your community:

The client is now more socially conscious, which means you have to keep up with that.

Clients notice whether your company contributes to supporting charities or participating in campaigns that support social causes.

The key to making customer retention strategies here is to be creative in bringing your brand into society, being close to its issues, and satisfying them.

7. Get your clients involved:

Make clients feel an important part of your wider team by keeping them informed about new developments in your company.

Example of customer retention program ideas: Share new project ideas planned, provide new production lines or attract new partnerships for the company.

You can send a monthly email newsletter and share it through social media.

8. Get your clients to know about you:

The goal of this is not only to retain existing but also potential clients by educating and informing them about your products and brand.

This is done by using an online road or paid ads that will keep customers.

In another way, Education can be when a customer buys something from your product, where you can attach a poster to the product that includes a short instructional guide on how to use it and contact details with the customer service team. So, you know who to call if they have any problems or queries.


By applying these eight customer retention strategies, you can ensure that your company's presence is expanded and that you buy from it. Moreover, customer retention strategies allow you to market your products and services for the least effort and cost.

To learn more about applying customer retention strategies and making them essential in designing your company's plan, you can attend customer service training courses in Dubai.