Staffing is not a new idea; it has been with the workforce as far back as the industrial revolution. Since then, the market has progressed so much that it has become almost impossible to get good quality workers on a regular basis. Most of the big companies have even started relying on third-party staffing services to help them with their operations.

Now the question arises, which staffing platform should business owners choose in Kansas City? There are literally hundreds of them, and finding the best one is a nightmare. But worry not, as this guide is here to solve all related problems, thanks to the thorough research conducted on flexible recruitment in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Need to Understand the Labor Market in Kansas City

It's no secret that employers in Kansas City constantly search for a quality, experienced and reliable workforce. However, the local job market is filled with thousands of people who either lack basic skills and are unable to communicate effectively or who are not well-equipped to perform in the specific work environment.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in Kansas City in 2021 was the lowest at 2.5% and the highest at 5.4%, which is still less than the national average. Fox 4 also reports staff shortages in the healthcare sector that has left many companies struggling to keep up with their daily tasks.

Despite the local labour market growing stronger by the day, hiring the right talent in Kansas City has been not only challenging but has also become a costly affair. This is where on-demand staffing platforms come into play. It is easier than ever to hire reliable and skilled workers in Kansas City for a reasonable fee with these platforms.

How Does It Work?

All business owners need to do is sign up on a staffing website and complete a detailed profile of their company, requirements and culture. The platforms providing staffing services will then analyse the profiles and offer suitable candidates to the employers. Employers can take a look at the skills of the candidates before they come to work.

This recruitment model saves the employers a lot of time and money as they are able to hire right away and can even track the performance of the hired candidates. Platforms like Upshift provide a straightforward way to source and maintain talent. The process entails the following:

Personality Test for Applicants

A complete personality test is the first step toward hiring the right candidate. It is designed to give the staffing platform an overview of the behaviour of the applicants and get a deeper understanding of how they would fit into their respective company cultures.

Generally, the elements of this process include an assessment of verbal and written communication skills, professional attitude, ethics, technical skills, personality traits, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. This ensures that only the most suitable candidates are recommended to the employers.

In-Person Onboarding

Once the hiring platform identifies potential candidates, the next step is to schedule a physical meeting. Staffing platforms provide onboarding sessions to help new hires learn about the company culture and how they can contribute to its growth. The onboarding sessions can serve as an excellent networking opportunity for job candidates.


One benefit of staffing services in Kansas City is the access to the latest technology that reduces the need for employers to spend large amounts of time and money on recruitment. The platforms use advanced AI and machine learning to comprehensively select high-quality applicants.

In fact, the process of hiring can be completely automated with the use of such platforms. The candidate gets a job alert every time a relevant position is posted on the platform. If the candidate applies for the position, the company provides a video interview, followed by a face-to-face interview. This way, the company eliminates the need to conduct a lengthy and cumbersome recruitment process.

Ratings and Reviews

Most staffing platforms take the time to compile data based on feedback provided by candidates through reviews and rating systems. This method is a great way to get an insider's view of the company’s work culture. For business owners, determining if the candidates have the right qualifications and skills, along with the ability to bring fresh ideas, is crucial. In this way, business owners can ensure that the workforce they’ll hire is in sync with their business objectives.

Benefits of Flexible Staffing

As the job market in Kansas City is changing, it is becoming more critical for businesses to keep up with the demand for skilled workers. Traditional hiring methods often lead to large-scale wastage of time and resources as well as a high risk of overlooking valuable job candidates.

However, recruitment platforms providing flexible staffing solutions in Kansas City are better equipped to help employers find the right talent and provide better cost-efficiency than conventional recruitment methods. Staffing services in Kansas City offer the following benefits.
  • Increased staff engagement
  • Improved productivity and employee performance
  • Reduced time and cost of recruitment
  • Reduced hiring errors
  • Increased hiring diversity
  • Transparency of candidate vetting, onboarding, payroll operations, performance tracking, and other expenses.
Compared with traditional recruiters, clients can save up to 50 cents on every dollar spent using on-demand staffing services like Upshift. The platform is also distinguished by its high-quality workforce. This is because it only hires the very best to work on its team. Considering this scrutiny, employers can be sure that their candidates meet the highest standards.

Final Thoughts

Kansas City's labour market is changing rapidly. This gives business owners the advantage of employing new tactics and resources to fill open positions in their teams. Outsourcing talent acquisition to top-tier on-demand staffing platforms within this densely-populated city is the most cost-effective and practical approach to fulfilling this objective.