Customer experience is way different from offering great customer service. Customer service is about your interaction with the customers, while customer experience is a walkthrough that customer passes to ultimately reach and connect with your brand. And no doubt, you can translate your customer’s experience into your ultimate brand experience.

The customer experience journey begins right from walking into your store to viewing your branding. It is why brands emphasise creating an experience that amazes and even speaks to the customers. Your branding can help build connection, credibility, and trust. And this is where customer experience plays an overarching role in redefining your brand story. But the question really matters, how do you do this?

Here are six incredible ways to turn your customer’s experience into the stellar brand experience

1. Navigation

Your brand identity plays a vital role in creating strong experiential designs for customers. Focusing on visual elements in creative spaces can help customers navigate well during the customer experience. It improves their engagement with the brand and nurtures their experience with the brand. The architecture and spacing of the business location or store location play an inherent role in capturing attention, helping them navigate and maximise function alongside creating a fabulous experience for them. Read why experiential designs are extremely helpful in guiding customers to their intended place.

2. Help Build Understanding

When customers are new, their first impression definitely counts. By improving and creating a superior customer experience, you aim to improve their understanding of the brand. Keeping in mind the audience, you can incorporate strong, attractive, and memorable graphics to help customers build their understanding of the brand. It helps them recognise what the business offers and how it stands out from the rest. Experiential design solutions such as signages, 3-D wayfinders, and channel letters are brilliant ways to convey a story and communicate with visitors or customers.

3. Brand Messaging

A customer’s experience is incomplete without having to outline your brand messaging. Incorporating your brand messaging into your location transitions into frequent and memorable impressions. Another key reason to use brand messaging is to develop your exposure and help visitors and clients become more aware of the brand. Brand messaging can include a simple tagline, logo, culture, vision, or philosophy. A small mission statement can draw customers to your brand and step into their minds for a long period of time. If you think this is a lot, you can even play around with your brand colours to excite and engage the audience around.

4. Visualise Your Identity

Blend your identity with your magnificent architecture and spatial design to match your customer's taste, preference, and comfort. As aesthetics and environment play a significant role in the feel and comfort of the spatial setting, your brand identity can drastically transform the space into a more refined and inviting one. Place your identity across the space in various materials and designs to define the purpose and pique the customer’s interest. Get inspired by researching for examples from multiple industries - corporates, banks, institutions, and commercial. Take a look at some fresh bank branding and design ideas to learn how to visualise your identity in the most amazing sensation.

5. Illustrate Your Brand Culture

Indeed people don't like spending time within a mundane space. Experiment and introduce fresh and creative design ideas within your spatial design to glorify the experience of customers and clients to a more intimate one. You can narrate your brand culture with beautiful artwork and brand content such as posters and decals. Illustrating your brand culture doesn’t have to go by the rule. You can keep fun and function at the same time.

6. Use Touchpoints for Interaction

Leverage important and major touchpoints where customers are likely to spend time as points of interaction. Point of interaction allows you to hook attention and transform it into a positive impression for your brand. Visualise your brand with beautiful, bold, and consistent branding solutions to seamlessly surround the major touchpoints into actionable triggers. Not just your location, you can use major events to strengthen your presence and visibility. You can see top luxury brand fashion weeks of 2021 to find examples of brands using this strategy to fortify their market reach.

Brand awareness and brand experience are closely interlinked. Focusing on finding and integrating solutions that rewrite the customer experience will be a breakthrough for a business looking to bolster the brand experience. At the end of the day, businesses that will concentrate on and enhance the experience of customers throughout will shine with their brand.