Destiny 2's hugely anticipated DLC, The Witch Queen, was released a few months ago. There have been many changes and adjustments to the game with this DLC. Destiny 2 fans are back in the game and start enjoying this awesome new DLC. But those who could not devote enough time to Destiny 2 or those who were just beginners stated that they had a little difficulty.

One of the most important aspects of The Witch Queen DLC is Exotic weapons. Updated several Exotic weapons along with new weapons. And players can't wait to get this awesome gear and loot. But for those who find it difficult, this adventure feels like torture.

That's why we have given you 5 major tips and tactics on how to play Destiny 2: The Witch Queen DLC easily and without difficulty. Many of these tactics will give you important advice about the campaign. In addition, we will assist you in obtaining the power cap for the Vow of the Disciple raid, and we will also assist you in obtaining new gear.

Then let's examine together how you can finish this very complex-looking campaign quickly and in the most enjoyable way. Remember that these tactics may not work for everyone. However, most of the tactics we share will improve your perception of the game, and we think that they will be useful because they contain subtle clues. Let's get started then!

The Best Tips and Tactics for The Witch Queen DLC

Chase New Legendary Drops with VIP Patrol Quests

This is perhaps one of the most important tactics in The Witch Queen DLC to get stronger and reach a sufficient Power Level. By completing this questline, you will gain a significant power increase with the Legendary drops you will get. VIP Patrols have been around for over five years in Destiny 2, but new quests have made them even more desired. These VIP missions are some of the toughest bosses to defeat outside of Raids, but the rewards are typically well worth the effort.

What you need to do is pretty simple and straightforward. If you encounter a brownish-orange Patrol task icon when patrolling in Savath√Ľn's Throne World, you should go there and complete it. Specifically, these mini-quests are pretty short and never overpower you. Therefore, it is highly preferred and useful. They also allow you to get Throwe World loot, which will take you a lot further in the game.

Prioritise the Rising Tensions Questline

The Risen Season came with the release of the Witches' Queen expansion. When you take the Synaptic Spear from Ikora during the early stages of The Witch Queen DLC, you will receive the Rising Tensions quest. You will get loot that you will get weapons that will take you a lot further in the game, such as the Recurrent Impact Machine Gun. That's why we recommend you prioritise this questline because The Witch Queen DLC can be a bit different and more challenging than other Destiny 2 DLCs. 

Every essential loot is required for you to eliminate this problem.

After mastering your first Glaive, you must accomplish the Arrival and Relic quests and Ikora Rey. Shell will give you the synchronic Spear Sextet and unlock the Rising Tensions quest during the Risen loot period. During the Risen season's loot grind, you'll have enough Psychological Intel to get by. In this way, you can continue The Witch Queen DLC more easily and synchronously.

Lost Sectors and Public Events Are Critical to Rank Up with Fynch

Now it's time for a slightly more challenging and complex tactic. But if you apply this tactic, you will both make it easier for you to complete The Witch Queen DLC and double your power in Destiny 2. You know that Lost Sectors is the ideal way to get Exotic items. That's why we prefer it. All Exotic stuff is well worth the effort required to obtain it. You may utilise it to make great builds and become more deadly in both PvE and PvP, or simply have fun with it.

It's easy to miss Lost Sectors on the map, and it's simple to forget their names. So you should always check the rotation for them. Hundreds of Lost Sectors can be found throughout Destiny 2's patrol zones.

Now let's get to what this has to do with French and The Witch Queen. As you know, Fynch is the vendor of Throne World. This vendor gives you a few rewards every time you rank up to 1,000 reputations with him. Furthermore, public events provide you 130 reputation for completing them, so take advantage of them whenever they appear.

Meanwhile, completing the Metamorphosis Lost Sector in the Miasma is relatively easy and rewards you with 70 reputations each time. To see neighbouring chests and Fundament deposits that provide 20 reputations apiece, make sure you have the Wombo Detector Ghost mod installed.

The all-new Witch Queen armour has grown extremely powerful, and it comes with benefits that might be handy in any situation. To obtain the new Exotic armour, you must complete Solo Lost Sectors on the Legend of Master difficulty. The problem is that all of the Exotic stuff from the Lost Sectors is random, so you could end up spending several hours just to get the armour you require.

But you don't have to worry about that because that's where we come in! Thanks to the incredibly fast and easy boosts provided by our master and expert team, you will be able to get the Witch Queen Lost Sector Exotic Armor you want. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the game to the fullest without having to think about unsuccessful teammates or your low item level. Then get The Witch Queen Lost Sector loot right away with our help, without waiting for you.

You Should Reshape Your Weapons Only When You’re Ready

Creating a weapon is only the beginning. After then, you'll need to level it up by shooting things and doing activities with it to unlock new and better perk options. After then, you can Reshape the weapon to change its benefits. However, because this process is costly, you'll want to wait until you've unlocked everything and are ready to Reshape the weapon into your ideal role.

Don’t Forget to Rank Up Your Weapons.

Here we come to our final tactic. We hope that everything we have said so far will be useful to you and you can successfully progress in The Witch Queen DLC. But remember that having fun is paramount! Therefore, if there is a tactic that you have difficulty with, definitely leave it halfway and continue your game as you know it.

Deepsight and Shaped weaponry have become the new bounty system because of the crafting system. You'll want to make sure you're making progress on ranking up your weapons in addition to juggling your daily quests from the Gunsmith and Fynch.

For each opponent you kill, you gain 0-1 percent XP, 2% for patrols, 18% for Heroic public events, and closer to 50% for Wellspring and other activities. Every weapon you have equipped earns XP when you complete a quest or defeat a boss, so be sure you switch to it right before turning in a quest or defeating a boss.