You can spot people who don’t send snaps to their friends, but never a person who doesn’t watch reels. Yes. That’s right; we are talking about the ever so colourful social media application, Instagram.

Instagram is indeed popular, and a product or service can quickly get its well-deserved exposure on Instagram. But, the topic is above website traffic. How Instagram, a not-so-link-friendly platform, will be able to drive traffic to your website.

Well, that’s what this article is for. Here are some expert tips for driving your Instagram followers to website visitors.

The wonders of the bio link

Though Instagram does not allow you to include website links to your posts, that doesn't mean there isn't another option.

If you use Instagram frequently, you've probably altered your bio a hundred times; doing so; you probably have witnessed the website section. This section is what is going to help with your traffic.

Usually, most tend only to include their website's homepage in the bio and leave it as it is. Though having a link is good, you need to prompt your followers to click on that link.

This is where your posts and stories will come in handy. Notify your fans that you have a link in your bio, albeit in a roundabout way.

If you update a post or story, add “Click the link in bio for more details” or “Click the link in bio to avail of the offer.” Doing so delivers the information that you have a link on the bio and excites the followers about your services.

Add links to Instagram stories.

Is adding links in the bio the only way to do so? Absolutely not. There is also another way, a way that can be more attention-worthy.

If you have seen other influencer stories or shopping stories, you probably have seen a “swipe up” option. This is yet another helpful way of driving traffics.

With a handful of creativity and knowledge of picture editing software, you can create captivating Instagram stories to showcase your products or services and persuade your followers to swipe up to view more.

Adding links to Instagram stories is one of the quickest ways to gain traffic. You can announce discounts or news through stories in festive seasons or during any sales. Followers who are intrigued will definitely want to visit the website.

The story must be compelling for followers to click the link. Instagram stories should be designed using apps like Canva and Photoshop.

Sending links directly to your followers

As you update your content regularly, your old content will go down and down and usually won’t be visited by any followers. But let’s imagine a ‘what if’ scenario.

What if a new follower interested in the service you're providing scrolls down and down until they find something that finally catches their eye, only to discover it lacks a link? Who knows, you might have missed a potential consumer. Such possibilities should never be entertained.

This is why it is essential to add, ‘DM me for the link.’ So, if it is a current post or an old post, followers can be assured that they will purchase the product anytime they want.

Also, keep an eye on your inbox and respond quickly to clients to maintain a positive reputation and attract new customers.

Try investing in Instagram Ads.

The following best advice would be telling you to invest in Instagram ads.

Not a fan of spending money on ads? Well, my dear friend, you are missing many opportunities then.

As annoying as ads can be, they are influential as well, which is why even famous brands still spend dollars of money on ads. For what? For exposure, of course.

The positive factor in posting Instagram ads is that Instagram ads are not considered annoying like any other social media app. They don’t pop up and annoy you.

And that’s more likely the reason why we are advising you to invest in Instagram ads.


Then here are some other things you should know about Instagram advertisements. There are three types of Instagram ads, they are:
  • Image ads
  • video ads
  • Carousel ads
The image ads are the ones where only one image is used, along with a link. And the video ad, you probably know, is a video ad with a link to the website. For video ads, the duration of the video is up to 30 seconds. So if you are planning to put up one, they make sure the information is crisp and clear within 30 seconds.

Carousel commercials are perfect for raising brand recognition through storytelling. You can make seamless carousel advertising with editors like Canva. If you're not sure about your editing abilities, try hiring graphic designers on freelance services like Fiverr for a limited time.

Collaborate with influencers

If you're active in social media, you're undoubtedly aware of what this part is attempting to convey. That’s right, brand collaboration with popular Instagram influencers.

Instagram influencers' fame is skyrocketing these days, and it's all thanks to their followers. So, if you want to gain brand visibility, don't you think collaborating with an influencer is the efficient strategy to do so?

Try contacting an influencer of your same niche or industry and ask them whether they could help you increase your brand exposure. Most influencers would be willing to help as the collaboration is beneficial on both sides.

This is a profitable move, especially for small business owners who are unsure of advertising their products. Reaching out to influencers is one way to boost sales.


Instagram has managed to gain quite a popularity in recent years. With millions of followers base, it is wise to expose your products and services on a popular social media application like Instagram. We hope we were able to assist you in improving your website traffic with the help of the Instagram tactics we have mentioned in this article.

We hope you gain more followers and your business prospers!