Who doesn't love luxury in this age? To fulfil this universal need, the following brands are the best. They sell everything from suits to underwear to simple tees.

These companies definitely know the importance of ease and style, which is the recipe for great quality. To assist you, we have made a list of the top 23 labels that everyone needs to familiarise with.

1. Louis Vuitton

The owner of this label decided that he would become a trunk master at 16 years old. Not only did this eccentric decision make him a world-renowned designer, but also an innovator - developing locks that have never been witnessed before in the industry.

The brand is still extremely well-known for its luggage and bags, with travel continuing to be at the centre of the label besides the RTW collections.

2. Gucci

Established in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, this label is among the original fashion labels and one of the universal leaders in accessories and apparel. The brand is mostly recognised for its luxurious textiles and extravagant designs.

Gucci is always redefining fashion in the 21st century and simultaneously being a representative of the best quality of Italian goods and giving great attention to detail.

3. Riblor

With its headquarters in Dubai, Riblor was launched in 2018. Their only specialisations are men's bracelets and cufflinks brand in UAE. Their pieces are ideal for fashion-forward individuals who love wearing rich materials.

The handcrafted products pair stainless steel with rare leather. Currently, they display designer collections of bracelets, which can be worn separately or paired with watches.

4. Balenciaga

This company is over a century old. Balenciaga was established in Spain in 1917. Currently, it's owned by a French international company called Kering.

This label has successfully held Balenciaga's upscale status and the chic style that is bold, costly, and incentive.

5. Dior Homme

By Christian Dior, this label was established in 1948. Now, this European luxury label is now owned by a French businessman known as Bernard Arnault. He's also ahead of LVMH, aka the biggest luxury group globally.

The modern, poise, and confident design pairs with formal style. While Dior has invented a slim silhouette under the creative guidance of Hedi Slimane, it never ceases to challenge traditional norms.

6. Prada

The audience agrees that this brand always thinks outside of the box and doesn't make its designs rely on conventional trends. Ultimately, they pride themselves on freedom of expression and superior quality.

This Italian fashion house is a top-tier name and was founded by Mario Prada in 1913. Their speciality is ready to wear, leather bags, fragrances, travel accessories, shoes, and a lot more.

7. Salvatore Ferragamo

This brand's owner's dream was to transform his label into a superior fashion house. When he passed away in 1960, he left it as a legacy in hopes that his family would achieve this mission. And now, Salvatore Ferragamo is a popular shoe brand made of excellent leather.

8. Stella McCartney

Introduced in 2001, this was one of the earliest labels to be sustainable. Stella McCartney employs eco-friendly materials to craft their eyewear, ready-to-wear, lingerie, and accessories. Their menswear is known for featuring an urban look and sporty feel.

9. Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent, with his partner, established the label in 1961. This French company is a prominent fashion house. They offer gender-neutral apparel that showcases punk with style.

10. Givenchy

This is a French perfume and luxury house that earned fame due to its expertise in silhouette. Their offerings strike a balance between contemporary and traditional values. Givenchy is a leader and an original designer in the industry.

11. Balmain

Balmain boasts the trademark high-end trims and decorative fabrics. They utilise creativity to embody the French legacy. Their outstanding craftsmanship is evident in the tiniest of details. All designs feature signature embellishments - logo, gold medallions, symbols, tassels, and buttons.

12. Kenzo

The Japanese background of the founder allowed him to be influenced by this culture. This is why their innovative concept is unbeatable - the way they couple an ethnic vibe with exotic prints and floral patterns.

13. Berluti

This company wins at crafting accessories, bags, and apparel. However, their primary focus is leather shoes. By being a rebel, the team was able to curate their separate leathers and styles, including supple leather with many colours.

14. Comme Des Garçons

The brand quickly earned popularity in Japan, with the creator Rei Kawakubo, and then spread like wildfire to other countries. It's 50 years old but still highly inventive. Their radical and funky fashion challenges the norms.

15. Brioni

Brioni is another Italian brand that features a unique way of making suits. Their procedure is made of 220 steps and requires 22 hours of manual work. The end product is a smart and aesthetic look.

16. DKNY

This label is famous for casual-chic, sporty vibes, and clever branding. It's infused with NY city, with a laid-back style.

17. Ralph Lauren

Since its inception, the brand has been at the forefront of fashion and marketing. Their iconic accessories, clothes, and fragrances for both genders are demanding. While talking about top fashion brands, Ralph Lauren is definitely mentioned.

18. Valentino

This is another original leader of global fashion. They sell fragrances, bags, shoes, scarves, eyewear, clothes, and ties of interesting styles. Their flawless offerings grace the shelves of many malls throughout the world. They also have their individual outlets in many international branches.

19. Ermenegildo Zegna

This Italian label sells menswear and men's accessories. Their holistic mindset of manufacturing is appreciated by the public. They have made significant improvements in wool production.

20. DSquared2

The twin brothers established this brand in Milan. It's a combo of sensual and edgy styles, produced with Italian and Canadian tailoring. This is why their collections are ideally contrasted by moulding opposite styles.

21. Thom Browne

The founder of Thom Browne observed a gap in formal attire as everyone was wearing casual style. So, they specialise in formal wear and suits. The label loves experimenting with conventional proportions and making "shrunken" while validating gender fluidity.

22. Lacoste

Lacoste was introduced by a tennis champion at a time when sports apparel wasn't very refined. This preppy brand is appreciated for the invention of a sturdy knitted fabric known as cotton pique. With time, they have added outerwear and technical clothing lines.

23. Burberry

Originally, the founder's intention was to protect Britains against the cold, severe weather by taking tough fabrics that ended up bringing a revolution in weatherproof apparel.

All of this started after 1856, and to this day, their distinctive British identity employs slick tailoring and conventional woven patterns. Their classic outerwear products are famous in Britain and throughout the world.