If you've just recently started shipping goods to the military and overseas and you have prepared your first wooden crate for shipment, you might wonder which service you will use to ship the package. Will UPS take a wooden crate? Yes, UPS does accept wooden crates, but many customers were not satisfied with their service. Many former customers complained that UPS charged certain additional fees to their business accounts that they weren't notified of in advance.

If you opt to do business with UPS, you need to ensure that you are aware of all the fees upfront. It is not professional business practice to charge additional fees that a client isn't aware of. UPS can also pick up your wooden crates from your home or office for a nominal fee. You would need to inquire with UPS when making your request in order to determine the exact cost of their pickup service.

Is FedEx a good option for shipping your wooden crates?

FedEx is certainly another possible option for shipping your wooden crates. However, the cost of buying the materials and supplies to build your wooden crates combined with the costs to drop off your item at FedEx or UPS can really add up fast. Opting to have your packages picked up from your business adds even more costs. Some businesses have opened business accounts with FedEx or UPS and connected the account to an eBay account. Evidently, eBay offers reduced shipping rates that many of these business owners are able to take advantage of.

Should you make your own wooden crates or purchase them pre-made in the future?

Some businesses pride themselves on their ability to quickly manufacture various wooden crates in a short period of time, for the military and international shipment of products. However, if you lack the ability to create wooden crates so easily, companies like UPS will custom make wooden crates for you, regardless of the size you need. Whether you need a wooden crate built that can accommodate a smaller, 50-pound shipment or a shipment that weighs a ton and is as large as a vehicle, UPS can accommodate you. However, you should be aware in advance that UPS's services are not cheap and that you're going to pay significantly more to allow them to create a custom crate for your shipment.

USPS and shipping wooden crates?

The United States Postal Service is certainly another viable option when it comes to shipping your wooden crates, but their prices have risen to astronomical rates. By signing up for an account online, you can print your own shipping labels and take advantage of a small reduction in overall shipping costs. You can also opt to add your USPS account to an existing eBay account for possible additional savings. However, even with the slight savings in shipping by purchasing labels online, if you're shipping wooden crates on a regular basis, USPS, UPS or FedEx are likely not the most practical and cost-effective ways to do so.

Private shipping companies usually offer more personalized services for less than USPS, UPS or FedEx will charge. It's a good idea to obtain quotes from all the possible shippers, and it would be a great idea to obtain an estimate from a reliable private shipper. The only way to run your business in the most cost-effective manner is to choose the lowest cost but highest quality services. If you're overpaying for subpar services, then not only will you be spending business funding that is not conducive to making huge profits, but your customers may fail to receive their orders in a reasonable period of time, which is unacceptable. Private shippers are experts at packaging your items securely, and they can save you money, time and stress in the long run.

UPS, FedEx or a private shipper?

For businesses that don't ship overseas or to the military often, it might actually be more cost-effective to allow UPS or a similar service to create a wooden crate for your shipment. However, if, on the other hand, you're going to be regularly shipping products to the military and overseas, then you may want to come up with a more affordable option like partnering with a private, professional shipper. Private shippers specialize in packaging and shipping any products that aren't hazardous to the military and overseas. They're knowledgeable of all the requirements involved in military and international shipping, and they offer their services at affordable prices, unlike UPS and similar services.

Obviously, there are various strategic steps that must be followed in order to properly ship a wooden crate, whether it's going to the military or somewhere internationally. A top-notch professional shipper will make certain that 100% of your shipments are adequately secured and also packaged in the correct shipping container. When deciding to partner with a shipping expert, it is also essential that you ensure your shipper is familiar with the numerous guidelines involved in shipping packages to the military and overseas.

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