ServSafe is a nationally known food safety certification program developed by the National Restaurant Association. The goal of the ServSafe program is to educate food service employees on the causes and consequences of foodborne illness. The ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Exam has been earned by more than 4 million food service personnel. Take a practice test and study the ServSafe Manager test answers if you are interested in this certification.

ServSafe is a very informative and instructional program that was created to assist educate food service personnel about key procedures related to fundamental food safety. This program is designed to provide valuable information that can help individuals protect themselves and their customers from foodborne illnesses. ServSafe also provides guidelines and tips for maintaining a clean and safe food service establishment.

According to the FDA, nearly 48 million incidents of food poisoning occur each year, impacting one out of every six Americans. This is why the idea of having food served in restaurants is so important. Food handlers must obtain their ServSafe certification, which consists of a six-hour interactive online training course for students that covers foodborne pathogens and safe handling practices. Although it may sound insignificant, it will make all the difference in preventing you from being one of those 48 million Americans who get sick as a result of contaminated food.

It is important for any business to know how to handle food safety because it affects everyone's health. There are many different types of illnesses caused by improperly handled or stored foods, including Salmonella, E Coli and Listeria among others. ServSafe courses provide information on what these conditions are as well as for instructions on how to avoid them if your establishment handles food in a professional manner.

There are five different ServSafe certifications to choose from. Each certification is designed to test your understanding of the key concepts in food safety management, which includes preventing contamination, reacting to contamination, and maintaining food safety.

Anyone may earn ServSafe certification by taking an online course or enrolling in a class with an instructor. The average cost of earning ServSafe certification ranges from $75 - $300. All of the tests are multiple-choice with a passing score of 75% or higher.

The requirements for certification vary by county, and they change often. Check state and local regulatory information as well as your company's rules to be sure that you are adhering to the requirements of the local, state and federal regulatory agencies for food safety.

Some restaurants offer free or discounted ServSafe courses to their employees or partners. Other restaurants offer discounts on food to those who take the ServSafe exam. Some communities even offer scholarships for students pursuing a career as a chef, which often includes ServSafe certification as well as on-the-job training and mentoring from experienced chefs.

Using free practice tests to prepare for the ServSafe certification is a great way to get started. These practice tests are available online and can help you determine if you are ready to sit for the certification exam. You will be able to see how well you are able to perform. There are several resources available as well for those who are interested in taking and preparing for the ServSafe certification exam.

ServSafe is one of the many certifications that can help you advance your career or establish yourself in the field. The certification process is thorough, so it's important to be prepared beforehand by studying and learning how to prepare foods safely. If you're looking into making a new career move, ServSafe may provide an avenue that will make you stand out.