Vingo is the all-new Online Fitness App that will take you into your own personal world of training. With this app, you can explore new places while you exercise on your treadmill or your exercise bike. This app has been designed with one purpose, to give the user an out-of-the-world experience that takes the stress out of their workout schedule. Now, let’s have a look at some of its amazing features.

Virtual Reality & Gamified Training

The Vingo uses highly detailed sceneries that were designed based on real locations from across the world. The developers have also included cool facts about each of these spots, inside the app. This way you can explore your favourite sites and learn about them too. All you have to do is, install the app on your smartphone or a tablet or your smart tv, and place the screen in front of you while you start running on your treadmill. Instead of staring at the same wall or window, you can experience the various sceneries across the world, right in front of you.

Fitness Training Simplified

With Vingo app, your workout gets more interesting and your fitness target will be more achievable. You can set your fitness goals on the app and let the app work out the best schedule for you. You can easily connect the app with your treadmill or exercise bike and let them synchronise. The app automatically detects your speed on the mill/bike and adjusts the scenery based on the info. With continuously progressive targets, the app will boost you to push your limits, making you sweat out more. The best part is, you won’t even feel like you’re straining yourselves.

Social Connectivity = More Responsibility

Vingo app being an online fitness app, allows you to connect with other fellow fitness buffs from across the world. You can view and interact with people who share your location on the app. For example, if you are running on the streets of London on the app, you can see people who are running alongside you. And even better, you can talk to them through voice chat.

On the other hand, if you feel like you need a quiet run, you can always turn on the mute button and go on a peaceful jog.


The most captivating feature of the app is your own personal avatar. You can upload a selfie on the app and it generates your avatar. This avatar is what others will see when you start running or cycling inside the app. It gives you urgent care and makes you feel like yourself, even inside the game. If you feel like your avatar needs a great look, you can customise the same by adding outfits, workout gear and lots more. Furthermore, you can unlock more items for your avatar, new track and so on as you complete daily targets and challenges. If you

So, what are you waiting for, install the app and get all the urgent care that is required to get you fit?