Decorating your home seems like it should be easy. But having that decorative touch takes practice and effort. You might be able to picture it or even get some basic inspiration from Pinterest. But when it comes to bringing those inspirations to life, some people struggle.

This is often the best time for people to turn to interior design experts. Luxury interior designers have that knack for perfectly bringing together the elements in the room and still reflecting who you are in the design process. Whether you're looking to add warmth or focus on aesthetics, there's plenty that an interior designer can do for your home. And did you know that even your zodiac sign could potentially help determine your design style?

Take a look at these examples to get a better idea of your interior design style based on your astrology sign.


A quick look at a sun moon rising calculator can give you a lot of insight into your zodiac sign and what it means. A Capricorn is typically all about functionality. They enjoy craftsmanship but everything has a purpose. When it comes to interior design, they look for traditional styles that lead to classy elegance in the home.


The Aquarius design style is almost the opposite. This Zodiac personality often points to eccentricity. They enjoy the artwork that is unique and inspiring. And they also enjoy independent elements. Aquariuses don't want the same furniture and wall hangings that hundreds of other people already have. Give them beautiful colours, personality, and all of the latest gadgets.


Pisceans sometimes get a bad rep for having strong personalities. However, when it comes to design, it's more of a calming interior. Maybe it's because their strength needs centring. They use the design around them to regain focus. Look for subtle patterns and colours with a dreamy style.


An Aries is often known for being confident and daring. Their design styles are often reflective of that. Think bright colours, trendy approaches, and things that imitate energy. If something is trending, an Aries person will likely be all over that.


If you're a Taurus, your design style preferences will likely be inspired by comfort. You likely love things that are luxurious and comfortable. Set a romantic scene, give the area some calm, sensual appeal, and you are good to go. For many Taurus signs, this includes things like candles and flowers but also mood lighting and soft fabrics. You can't go wrong with silk, velvet, or cashmere.


The Gemini individual is always the perfect host. They have a bit of eclectic style but they are playful and fun at the same time. This category is harder to identify for style because they almost mix and match a variety of styles throughout their homes. This person likes to collect things and build that into their interior style.


Cancers are an emotional sign and want their home to feel like a safe place. Their homes are their sanctuaries, and the design elements will be reflective of that. They feel comforted by things that are sentimental and personal. They also tend to prefer spaces that are focused on calm and relaxation, so simple and soothing is the way to go.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few examples of how your zodiac sign might affect your interior design preferences. Of course, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Libra, Leo, and Virgo all have their unique tendencies too.

Choosing your style should be representative of who you are and what makes your house feel like home. And once you have a good grasp of your personality, the right interior designers can help you achieve your ideal space.