Property ownership is a stepping stone toward building greater overall wealth for yourself and your family. Those who purchase assets with the future in mind are making a dedicated choice to enrich their lives in the future with the help of a minor sacrifice or inconvenience today. Purchasing a home, for instance, requires you to set aside a portion of your monthly income over the course of a few years in order to then transition from paying off someone else’s mortgage to buying back equity in your own property.

Therefore, planning for the future often revolves around smart financial management and investments made into assets that will continue to serve your life and add value in a variety of different ways. With these three assets, boosting the overall comfort and financial health that you and your family can enjoy is easy and effective.

1. A reliable car provides more than financial independence.

Your vehicle is a crucial asset, and getting the purchase of a car right is essential as a result. Vehicles are perhaps the only essential asset in your portfolio that will continuously decrease in value, but there are great ways to maintain the financial value of your ride, like rim scratch repair and consistent maintenance habits. Repairing scratched rims can go a long way to ensuring that your car remains in great condition and that its resale value will stay consistent over the long term. Rims are one of the most visible areas on a car, and scratches here can severely impact the financial worth of the asset.

But your car is more than simply a financial tool in the strictest sense. Those who drive are better able to commute to their place of work (in most American cities and towns) as a result of lacking public transportation infrastructure in the majority of the United States. With faster commute times, flexibility in leisure movements, and more, those who own a car and can reliably travel on their own whims are able to spend more of their precious time engaging in the things they want to be doing instead of waiting at bus stops and expending both energy and time within these mostly inefficient systems of movement.

2. Investing in a home is a must for any serious saver.

Investing in real estate is critical for those who want to impart generational wealth to their family. The property market enjoys a consistent swell in pricing structure over the course of years and decades, so investing in a home for you and your family to reside in offers a great opportunity to dedicate monthly payments to equity ownership rather than the maintenance buffer that renting can provide.

Owning your own home is fantastic in the grand scheme of wealth-building, but it comes with some unique challenges. Searching for the “best home warranty in Arizona” is the perfect way to mitigate the financial sting that homeownership can offer up at some of the worst times. A home warranty plan provides coverage for breakdowns and repair works that are essential to maintaining comfort within the property, and it can help you spread the cost of these needs out over the entire year rather than finding them concentrated all in a lump sum payment.

3. Boost your future with retirement assets.

Lastly, it’s essential to invest in your retirement. A 401k account is simply a must for any American who wants to spend at least a part of their adult life in leisure and luxury. While more and more people are choosing to remain in their working roles for longer than they have to (for financial and busyness reasons alike), the option to rest is something that requires a nest egg. This is a valuable commodity that many people forget to invest in until it’s too late to really take advantage of compounding and other value additions that investment assets can provide.

Invest in these three key assets for the greatest peace of mind.