When shopping online for appliances, the number of options that appear with a simple search can be overwhelming. Using the correct terms in your search can help you narrow your search results to options that you can use and filter out options that are not right for you. Consider using these terms when searching for appliances online.

Washing Machines and Dryers

If you are on the hunt for new laundry appliances you will certainly want to begin with whether you are choosing a "combo unit" or separate washer and dryer units. Here this first search is the right time to delineate if you are looking for a certain brand or finish as well.

From there you could consider adding search terms about the design of the machines, such as "top load" versus "front load". Consider the capacity you would like in your machines, from 5 kg to 12 kg and beyond. Also be sure to specify the energy source for the dryer, "heat pump" or "condenser".

By using these simple search terms to narrow the list to only items that you prefer and can use in your space, you can spare yourself from sifting through many results that simply are not an option for your situation.


You will want to narrow your search to models that fit your space and perform the way you want. If you are looking for a full-size refrigerator, consider limiting your results with terms like "side-by-side", "French door" or "quad door". If you are looking for a particular finish you may want to consider terms like "integrated", "stainless steel", or "matte black glass". Also, consider adding terms that reference the capacity that you need in litres.

If you are looking for something smaller, put "bar fridge" in your search query. If you need a freezer only you will want to search for "chest" or "vertical" models, as your space and preference dictates.
Ranges and Ovens

The options for ovens are endless, and if you do not use filter terms to limit your results in some way the list you are given will simply be too long to handle.

Begin by deciding what your physical requirements are. Are you looking for a "wall oven" or a "range", which includes a cooktop and an oven in one unit? If you are looking for a wall oven, are you looking for a "built-in oven" or "double ovens"? If you have a space you are looking to fill you will certainly want to include specific dimensions in your search to be sure you are only considering units that will fit in your kitchen.

For range units, you can narrow your search in many ways. Do you prefer a certain type of energy source? You will want to include that term in your search. Do you prefer a certain brand or finish? Add that as well. Do not forget to include information about your cooktop preferences, such as "induction" or "gas", and consider adding information about size and capacity to help produce a list of results that will meet your needs.

Store Requirements

No matter what type of appliance you are in the market for, you may want to include information about the type of retailer you would like to make your purchase with. If you would like to see the appliance in person before making a choice, including a "locations" query in your search. Also consider searching for information about delivery, installation, warranty and service contracts to be sure you are choosing to work with a retailer that is reputable and will provide the services that you require.

Making a new appliance purchase can be an overwhelming task. Beginning your search with a strong list of terms to use will help narrow your results to those that are most meaningful for you and your family.