You are probably the proud and hardworking owner of your e-commerce store if you're reading this. You very well know your product inside and out, whether jewellery, western wear, or sportswear, and you want to sell it. Maybe you're a newbie, looking for a piece of the action. Or perhaps you're already a significant player in the e-commerce world and want a bigger part of it. It makes no difference; what matters is that you want to grow.

Your brand is digitally available and willing to implement a marketing strategy appropriate for the e-market and effectively promotes your products and services online. Which one should you go with now? Of course, while using influencer marketing! No need to worry; we'll help you our best and walk you through each step to Find Shopify Influencers!

Influencers – Who are they?

Whether new or old, if you are on social media and have a presence, you will know who influencers are and what they do. They're the big trendsetters on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, with followings that can number hundreds of thousands. And those followers are attentive, devoted, and follow effectively. As a result, they pay attention when an influencer sings a brand's praises.

Influencers do exactly word-of-mouth recommendations in the digital age, providing personalized recommendations. They are frequently experts in a specific field or share content centred on a central theme. Influencers who are both talented storytellers and trendsetters are the best kind.

Collaborations with influencers are now essential to promote your brand's products, goods, or services. Such campaigns increase sales, improve a brand's image, and produce more desirable results. As a result, this tool is popular with both small or new labels and world-renowned corporations. Now keep reading to know they are so prevalent in today's era; then, we will move on to the steps to find them.

Why do Influencers have such a stronghold in today's digital world?

Building an audience or followers on various platforms like Facebook and especially Instagram is difficult, especially if you are new to running a business account. It greatly helps if your products are visually appealing. However, there is no guarantee that you will gain followers simply by posting images of your products or brand.

It won't be easy to grow your business if you do not already have an established audience on various platforms. That is why Influencers are so beneficial to eCommerce brands. They've already amassed a sizable following on the platform through organic means. They have hundreds of thousands of followers who are genuinely interested in the posts that follow.

Because Influencers already have a fanbase, they will significantly assist you in driving traffic to your website. Their followers will use Google to find your website by searching for your products or brand. Those influencers will undoubtedly help you increase your social media following, which will improve your conversion rate.

Steps to Find Shopify Influencers

Determine Your Target Audience

You'll have difficulty finding the right influencer if you don't know who your target audience is. Without a clear understanding of the people you'll be selling to, your product will suffer from banner blindness, just like the thousands of other products promoted every day. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself in Identifying Your Audience:
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are their ages?
  • How do they appear?
  • Are they primarily male, female, or both?
  • How do they communicate?
  • What are their issues?
  • Who are they following?
To know more about your audience, you can read reviews and customer experiences of your top competitors.

Establish Your Influencer Criteria

After identifying your target audience, it's time to figure out what kind of influencer to seek.

Some influencers are just getting started, and it is easier to reach and collaborate with them. They'll be newer, which means lower pay, more negotiation, and more creative freedom. Furthermore, they have a much more personal connection with their few followers, making them easier to influence and resulting in higher conversions for your promotion!

Whereas those influencers with over 100,000 followers mean they have loyal and dedicated fans passionate about their niche. More prominent influencers give you more reach, but they're nearly impossible to contact. However, by adhering to these criteria or developing your own for your niche, you will be able to determine who is best to get and who isn't.

Creating an Influencer Master List

After knowing your audience and the ideal criteria for influencers, it's time to find them and create a master list. You can check their profile; by doing so, you can know whether they are from your niche or not. If you are looking on Instagram, check their bio, posts, or comments to check whether they are suitable or not. Moreover, you can search using relevant hashtags to find influencers on Instagram.

After that, look at their likes and comments (how many they have on their posts) and their followers. If they have great engagement on their posts, you must contact them.

Contact Your Influencers

You can contact them via personal message or email. But first, create a letter or an email that you want to send to your influencers. Then, start reaching out to them; you must send at least 20 influencers a day because their response rate tends to be below. That's why you should reach as many as possible and if they reply and if you think they are best for you build a good relationship with them.

Build a relationship and let them come back

The majority of these influencers attempt to start and run their businesses the same way you are. That means they require assistance and advice. Nobody benefits from keeping the relationship transactional.

As a result, provide as much free value as possible. In the end, the relationship will be worthwhile.


Now you know how to Find Shopify Influencers. However, only the right influencers can help your Shopify store succeed. As a result, put in the time and effort to conduct research and find the best match for your company. Moreover, you must follow appropriate people on Social Media.