You want to attract younger clients and employees to your business, but how can you create a hip vibe without spending a lot of money? By putting some thought into the design and amenities you provide, you can build an atmosphere that attracts the right people and encourages them to spread the word about your business to their friends and family. Here are a few ways to do just that by creating an inviting interior space.

Start with the floors.

Elevate the aesthetic of your space with commercial area rugs that fit its purpose. This will establish an inviting and functional space for potential clients to visit, whether it's a bank lobby or an interior design office. The flooring you choose should set the mood for the whole place and highlight your brand personality. When customers walk in, they should feel welcome and comfortable, but also intrigued!

Have some fun with your commercial space by setting the tone early with brightly coloured rugs for playful companies, or go classic for a sophisticated look. If you work in retail, using visuals can be very effective, especially when targeting people from different demographics. For example, plush carpets can help create a relaxing atmosphere in health clinics or doctor offices, whereas outdoor-ready rugs are great to use at stores because they’re simple and easy to clean. They're also a low-cost option that showcases your selection while creating easier access to moving merchandise. Some other good options include entrances at offices (for protection against wear and tear) or event spaces (if you're going for more formal). Just remember: Area rugs are important parts of any space, including commercial areas, so make sure you select one that creates harmony with the rest of your establishment.

Remember the details.

Remember that every aspect of your commercial space can have an effect on whether or not customers will want to return. Think about how each element, no matter how small, contributes. That’s something you can put on your business cards. For example, if you use white tablecloths, it will brighten up your restaurant, and customers may feel more comfortable while eating their food, but it may be better to switch those out with red cloths instead because studies show that this color revs up people's appetites. The colour choice is obviously something you should test before making any changes permanent. Additionally, choose your lighting, artwork, and music carefully. It all sets a certain tone. And if you're not sure about the look you want, consider hiring a designer. A good interior designer can help you achieve just the right ambience. Or, if you're on a limited budget, reach out to some talented friends to help with your decisions.

So, what exactly is a "hip vibe?"

In a commercial space, 'hip' is not necessarily defined by what's new or what's trending. Instead, it's all about attitude. A hip vibe embraces your brand and sets it apart from competitors in an established market. There are a few elements to consider to determine if you're on the right track. For one, a hip vibe isn't always bright and cheery, but it typically incorporates design elements that make people feel at home. The right colours can help set your business apart while adding a modern flair that reflects your brand. Paint may be too expensive or complex of a fix to change up every wall colour on its own, but consider adding artwork where you have colour schemes already established. Hang artwork that has bold colours. Use pop-art-style posters with simple shapes. Hang paintings without frames instead of prints inside frames. You get the picture!