Did you know the first industrial chiller was designed for use in the plastics industry in 1957? Since then, chillers have become vital in a number of different industries.

If you run a business that requires a chiller, you may not be sure if buying or renting one is the best option. Is one option better than the other?

For most businesses, turning to chiller rental companies is the right choice. To help you make this decision, let us look at some benefits of renting a chiller.

Chiller Rental Companies Can Prevent Downtime

If you purchase a chiller and it stops working, you will lose hours and even days of work because you will not be able to maintain the temperature needed for your equipment or for manufacturing processes. 

This is costly and stressful.

When a chiller stops working, your manufacturing comes to a halt. For chiller owners, it can mean days of repairs or the added expense of having to purchase a new chiller.

If you are renting a chiller from a company, however, you can have this issue resolved quickly. They will come and repair it or replace it at no cost to you and they will do so rapidly, ensuring you do not lose revenue and work time.

Even if you own a chiller, if it breaks down, you can reach out to a rental company and rent one to keep your business functioning.

Proper Maintenance

If you buy a chiller, you will be the person responsible for its maintenance. If you are inexperienced working with chillers, you may not know how to provide the kind of maintenance it needs.

Renting a chiller means getting experts to perform the maintenance on time and correctly. The rental company will send the technician at regular intervals to perform maintenance which can catch any damage or potential malfunctions before the chiller stops working.

One of the things that can damage a chiller is corrosion in the chiller tubes. This can reduce water flow, can create a sediment build-up, and will reduce efficiency. To prevent this issue, there are coatings for the tubes but the installation requires a professional.

If you rent the chiller, this is something the company does for you. If you owned the chiller, you would have to find a hire a professional to do it.

Rent It When You Need It

If you do not require a chiller the entire year, buying one is not the best choice. A chiller rental allows you to get the chiller when you need it and for the length of time, you need it.

You can also scale up the rentals if there is an upsurge in your needs. If you find your business expanding and you need to be sure you can keep up, you can rent another chiller or opt for a larger one.

Get the Right Equipment

There are various types of chillers available. You may not know the difference between an air-cooled chiller and a water-cooled one or which would be best for your business. If you have to purchase a chiller, you might end up choosing the wrong one.

Renting a chiller prevents this issue. The rental company will help you decide on the right equipment based on the kind of business you run, your needs, and much more.


Installing the chiller in the right place and correctly is essential. When you rent the equipment, installation is included. You will not have to worry about an improper installation causing productivity issues.

You will also receive all of the right parts when the chiller is delivered, ensuring you can start putting it to work as soon as possible. If you were to purchase the chiller, it would be up to you to get it installed and functioning.

Operating Practices

Someone who is not experienced with chillers will not know how the equipment actually functions. This can mean they may try to get it to do something it cannot do.

A common mistake people make is to try and get a water-cooled chiller to chill a larger area than it was designed for. People without experience try to do this by increasing the chilled water flow, which actually does the opposite of what the person needs and reduces the chiller's efficiency. Not only that but forcing the machine to work with a higher water flow can damage the tubes.

If you do not know how a chiller operates, you will not know where it can be safely installed or what the safety requirements are for operating it.

When you rent the chiller, the rental company will let you know all of these requirements. You can have a safer workplace while making certain the chiller functions at its best at all times.

If you have any concerns about safety, you can reach out to the company and they will answer any questions you may have.

Rent the Chiller Your Business Needs

When you turn to chiller rental companies, you can get the equipment you need for your business. It will be installed and maintained correctly, preventing downtime for your company and saving you substantial money in the long run. No matter the size of your business, renting a chiller is the best option.

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