Japanese used cars Trinidad and Tobago are famous in these small Islands and globally. Trinidad and Tobago are the Islands of the Caribbean, the Port of Spain. Japanese cars got fame because of their performance, engine efficiency, durability, maintenance, and overall body structure. Moreover, Japan exports approximately 4 to 6 million vehicles worldwide.

Affordability is one of the reasons why the citizenry of Trinidad and Tobago prefer Japanese used vehicles. The used cars of Japan don’t seem to be old or dully, they are new as taken out of the showroom. Furthermore, Trinidad and Tobago become the largest importer of vehicles of $269 million. In which, Japan exported $107m worth of vehicles.

If you are having doubts about importing a car from Trinidad and Tobago, read out the next phase of the article.

The Exporter

There are over hundreds of exporters available online, it depends on which one you choose. The trader must be reliable and trustworthy. You can do it by checking their email address, landline, or phone number, the valid email address, the present address, registered with auction houses of Japan, and do make sure to read the customer reviews.
The car

Now, once you have consulted a reliable exporter. It’s time for you to choose your vehicle from the stock of the trader. Do make sure to contact three to four exporters at once and compare the prices of the vehicle. So, you can be acknowledged about the price.

Order the vehicle

The third step is to do the payment of the vehicle. Make sure to clear the fee before the looming deadline or, you won’t get your vehicle. There will be a receipt, which will be sent to you via provided email address.

Shipment process

The car will be shipped to Port of Spain. Make sure the exporter acknowledges the payment and the shipment process will begin.

Port Clearing

There isa clearing agent available at the port, you’ll need to hire one for yourself. They will clear the vehicle on the port for you.

Rules and Regulations of Trinidad and Tobago

  • There is an age restriction, the vehicle, you are buying shouldn’t be less than 4 years old.
  • Port of Spain is the only port where cars are imported.
  • You can’t order left-hand drive; only right-hand drive vehicles are allowed.


  • Import license and bill of landing.
  • Trader invoice.
  • Custom Declaration copies (4 required)
  • Deregistration certificate. It is the certificate on which car engine number, chassis number, and the manufacturing date of the vehicle are mentioned.
The following above documents should be with you at the time of importing the vehicle.
Tax Rate

The cars which are up to 1599 CC: -

  • They have an import duty of 25% and a VAT of 15%.
  • The cars which are between 1600CC to 2000CC: -
  • Import duty 35% and VAT 15%.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, people from Trinidad and Tobago have enthusiasm for Japanese used cars. It is because of the performance and affordability. There are some rules and policies of the state, which you must be aware of before importing the vehicle.